I’d say they should debate, but we know how that went last time XD


As fun as that would be, the fight wouldn’t last more than a couple minutes. Trump would just need to knock over elderly Biden and sit on him with his fat ass until Biden surrenders.



Biden gets on his bike and rides on a regular basis, dude in his 80’s, but he’s more active than most people his age. Not that “who can win in a fight” is really a good metric for anything, but framing Biden as a doddering old man is just plain false.


I don’t pay enough attention to politicians to know anything positive about them. If he actually does do rides and keeps active, then damn! Good for him.

RIP_Cheems, avatar



Biden running with Trump as his running mate vs Trump running with Biden as his running mate.




Biden wondering if that crinkling noise is Trump’s rain jacket or his diaper

HipsterTenZero, avatar

i want to see mr president embrace the satsui no hado and do a Raging Demon.


You should probably watch less cartoons, I’ve no idea what you’re saying


That one’s from a video game, not a cartoon.

Street Fighter, if you’re curious.

wreckedcarzz, avatar

The height of American culture.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

I demand election by combat


I don’t even know who I would bet on. Trump can’t use stairs and Biden seems more active but he’s at that age where you’re one fall away from a broken hip and becoming bedridden.


Biden would definitely fuck trump up in a fist fight. Trump can’t even drink water with one hand.

Sallp, avatar

Small hands could still be dangerous.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Cause they’re easier to throw


But Trump has more experience hurting politicians. Remember how he was a germophobe who famously refused to shake hands, until he realized he could use it as an excuse to put on a pathetic show of dominance?


That’s when I really started liking Justin Trudeau. He was so much stronger that Trump and let everyone know it.

EdibleFriend, avatar

Well call me a 10-year-old because I would fucking pay to see that fight.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Makes me wish Celebrity Deathmatch was still on the air

Gradually_Adjusting, avatar

They’d just make their secret service agents fight each other like Pokémon

EdibleFriend, avatar

…why does that sound almost better.

Can this be US politics? Please?

LinkOpensChest_wav, avatar

Give these two a playground where they can build forts and fling mud clumps at each other over imaginary lines they make in the sand

Then open the actual border


Why do that when we can intentionally lead them slightly over the border, void their citizenship, and then tell them they have to sit in a detention center until they can be processed.

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