Entropywins avatar

The rain

rcoelho14 avatar

Is it gonna be a knife fight?

@pH3ra@beehaw.org avatar

If it was for me, I'd give them chainsaws

rcoelho14 avatar

Only if it was silent chainsaws and then making Molusk and The Suckerberg do the noises like Homer in The Simpsons Movie


Rooting for a meteor to strike the ring

ZILtoid1991 avatar

Whoever wins we all lose


The cage

OldGreyTroll avatar

@pH3ra I'm a fan of good old-fashioned Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

blightbow avatar

Giant meteor. It didn’t win the 2020 election but maybe this is a stage it can compete on.

@Dantpool@lemmy.world avatar

I'm rooting for a private jet piloted by Jeff Bezos, with Bobby Kotick, and Charles Koch as passengers, crashes directly into the venue, killing only the planes occupants and these two worthless chucklefucks

Talaraine avatar

The Grim Reaper. I'm hoping the Grim Reaper wins.

Xeelee avatar

I really really hate Zuckerberg but I'd root for him anyway.


I think Zuck's got the best odds despite the size disadvantage, anyway, since he does BJJ and is apparently pretty good at it.

exohuman avatar

Zuckerburg is a better guy than Musk. I don’t praise either of them but at least Zuckerberg ran Facebook with some sincerity. Elon Musk is all talk and power trips and goes after Twitter user’s employers to silence critics.


"They all trust me for some reason. Fucking idiots."


I reckon Zug is the lesser evil but I actually root for Mastodon in spite of not using it (not into person oriented social media, I prefer threads/topics form of forums).

printerjammed avatar

idk dude. i wouldnt wanna fight a dude named "The Zuck"


Pretty sure this is reversed. Zuckerberg is an Android and Musk is an Alien.

SuiXi3D avatar

I'm rooting for them to accidentally kill each other.

fear avatar

You mean simultaneous commotio cordis from them punching each other in the chest at the same time? At best the survival rate is 50/50, but the emergency responders are divided between both of them, resulting in subpar medical care and the death of both men. Then all the involved estates and corporations battle it out in the longest ever legal cage match for world domination? I definitely haven't been thinking about this for an obscene amount of time.

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