@MiddleWeigh@lemmy.world avatar

I like lemmy just the way it is tbh

LemmyStartNow, (edited )

While most want to hear "readed" fails (or see their errors being recognized), they hate to hear the promotion of an alternative when they just want to see the downfall


I honestly don't understand the desire to entice people from reddit.

If people want to leave, they will.

DoucheAsaurus avatar

I wouldn't have found this site if not for a post on reddit. If nobody talks about it elsewhere nobody will find it. Anyway I was mostly just commenting and trying to correct people who were trying to make lemmy and kbin seem really hard to use.


Yup, that's how I found it.

OtakuAltair, (edited )

Same here. Keep telling people; lots of them come over.

Specially when you mention Sync for Lemmy, or Memmy for Lemmy and Artemis for kbin/Lemmy which are both heavily inspired by Apollo.

Even made this quick summary of what's going on reddit and how Lemmy/Kbin works to copy/paste on any relevant thread; seems to be quite effective. Feel free to use it.

AnonymousLlama avatar

Ah well, it's their loss honestly. Plenty of great little sites out there, they probably just want to lurk and not contribute

@MentalEdge@sopuli.xyz avatar

Yeah. Even with the low usercount, people are SO active on here.


It’s actually fun

ColonelSanders avatar

I'm active on here so I don't have to be, IRL!

NRVulture avatar

To be fair, every time I click on a Reddit post on my home page, it is usually filled with all kinds of comments that I can and can’t think of already. So not much incentive to leave a comment instead of upvote/downvote.

But here probably because of the low user count, essentially we are the one that are leaving those “all kinds of comments”.

TimeSquirrel avatar

Yeah it's more fun when you don't have a string of 5 trolls after your comment telling you how much you suck.

FaceDeer avatar

I haven't posted much on Reddit about this whole kerfuffle lately (I feel myself winding down over there) but I got wildly different results when mentioning Kbin/Lemmy on different threads and different subreddits. Sometimes huge upvotes and positivity, sometimes huge downvotes and anger. Such is Reddit when the hivemind hasn't settled on a narrative yet I suppose.

I can understand why some people get angry, if they personally are preferring to stay on Reddit for whatever reason. These new things "threaten" their comfortable and familiar lifestyle, they're an "enemy team." Their anger is stupid, but understandable. I can understand stupid.


or maybe it's just them deploying their old strategy of making thousands sockpuppets again

Clairvoidance avatar

Now you know how linux users feel


but there aren't any games on linux ☹️


There are if you use steam. I have yet to run into a game I couldn’t play. Granted, I only play like three games, but still.


I've been astounded at Linux support since I got my steam deck. Gaming on Linux has come a long way for sure.


Nearly every game that runs on Windows runs just fine on Linux nowadays, with some setup on your first run.

Nobara os makes it even simpler.

@Little8Lost@lemmy.world avatar

saved for my transition later



@c0mbatbag3l@lemmy.world avatar

What does nobara do?


I feel like non-steam games often dont work or dont run very well... I use Wine so if you have something better for launching exe I would be glad to get it


Have you checked out Lutris?


Basically the only major ones not running on Linux are the ones using a ring 0 anticheat at this point.


The more I’m starting to understand how to navigate it all, the easier it’s getting to leave it behind and not look at it

@Scooter411@lemmy.ml avatar

Yeah, now that I’m more comfortable, Lemmy is great. Just need the bodies here to make it more active.

@blueskiesoc@lemmy.world avatar

And we're getting them. Holy shit, have you seen how quickly lemmy is picking up users?

@Jimbo@yiffit.net avatar

Oh yeah, I didn't quite grasp it until I saw the latest graph where each point measures a single day


Same never would´ve guessed it two weeks earlier but I´m not looking back to Reddit although using it for 13 years. Lemmy is a great and new alternative.

@f15h@feddit.uk avatar

now i've wrapped my head around the federation stuff, i find it super cool! finding an instance you like and want to use is part of the fun and i enjoy seeing users from all different instances participating.

@SportsRulesOpinions@lemmy.world avatar

Did they not implement shadow bans for mentioning Lemmy?

@Die4Ever@programming.dev avatar

I've mentioned Lemmy before and some people just responded to my comments today

but I think I've only mentioned Lemmy once on there maybe twice

DoucheAsaurus avatar

Depends on the sub probably, I didn't link directly to either site except on r/redditalternatives


Specially effective on subs with weird posting rules (john oliver etc etc) where people are confused.


I'm doing my part o7







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