And of course, doing so is what keeps you awake and keeps the number getting smaller.

Some more sleeping tips:
Stay off your phone.
If you have to do something but don’t want to because you’re going to interrupt your sleep progress, just do it and don’t worry about it as long as you take less than 15 minutes.
Stay out of bed when you’re not trying to sleep. Condition yourself to associate your bed solely with sleep.
Keep your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to snooze it. Disable voice snoozing. Then you won’t have to worry about sleeping through it.

Da_Boom, avatar

Read a book for at least half an hour with a warm white book lamp (or if using a backlit eReader, use the warmest temperature setting on the backlight).

If you have RGB LEDs, set them to red when it gets close to bedtime as well.


I used to use until it was bought by some shitty company that sells mattresses or something and subsequently went to ugly bloated ad-infested “modernized” shit.

I just checked again for the first time in a while and it seems to have improved since it was first redesigned, though it’s still not as simple and lightweight as it once was.

Anyways. It helped when I used it. Kept a shortcut right on my home screen for the longest time. If you can look past the stupid brand name they’ve chosen to redirect to, it’s worth a shot.


I fall asleep on Memmy. Problem is my thumb goes down on the screen and I wake up like 30 screens deep into someone’s profile posts.


I could make this

eezeebee, avatar

Did Homer just disprove Fermat’s Last Theorem? O.o


That addition of exponents looks wrong.


It looks like general relativity he’s doing there







I meant line 2 (it’s actually a joke the math professors on the writing team of the Simpsons put in there: it doesn’t disprove Fermat’s Theorem, but most calculators at the time didn’t have the accuracy to cumpute that directly, which is kind of the joke)


Oh well spotted, you’re right. I didn’t twig at all.


There’s a book on the subject by Simon Singh, where he writes about all the math jokes in the Simpsons. There are a bunch. ;)

WhiteRaven22, avatar

No, but you just discovered a hidden nerd-bait joke from the show’s creators. One of the guys working on the show created some sort of program that could generate close-but-not-quite solutions. The one shown here isn’t actually equal, but they are close enough that the difference won’t show up without a more precise calculator, since both sides are roughly 6.397665635 x 10^43^.

3987^12^ + 4365^12^ = 63 976 656 349 698 612 616 236 230 953 154 487 896 987 106

4472^12^ = 63 976 656 348 486 725 806 862 358 322 168 575 784 124 416

EDIT: I should have read the other comments. Looks like I’m late to the party.

Blahaj_Blast, avatar

I used to be that way.

At some point, it just turned into “Fuck it. I’ll get whatever sleep I get.”

Flyberius, avatar

Yeah. I do this. The number gradually gets smaller as I fail to fall asleep


Yeah, this is one of the worst. It can do this tag team thing with “wait, did I actually remember to turn my alarm on this time…?” too. Horribly effective duo.


Mhm… and you check and double check and tripple check… and finally lie in bed… and it takes 30 minutes to fall asleep 😒…

TimeSquirrel avatar

"Hey Google, when is the alarm set for?"

"You have set an alarm for 6am."

Ten minutes later:

"Hey Google, when is the alarm set for?"

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