Sure, let’s all hustle like crackheads:

“Oh, your job isn’t paying enough? Well, have you tried stealing from your family? Your grandma has a social security check coming, right? Oh, your family doesn’t talk to you anymore, huh? Well have you tried selling your neighbor’s car stereo? What about his propane grill? How about stealing tube socks from Walmart and trying to sell those on the street to anyone who walks by? Still not cutting it, huh? I don’t know man, maybe it’s time to try sucking some dicks.”

These memes seem a lot less clever if you’ve ever been close to someone whose life got snowed under by addiction, or lived in a neighborhood that has a crack problem. Seeing real crackheads really hustling is pretty fucking bleak. They’re not getting ahead. They’re not winning. They’re burning everything with even a shred of value to service their addiction, including family and personal relationships.

I don’t know, maybe it’s a very apt metaphor for capitalism, and what our capitalist system expects of us, but I have no desire to trade the people and things that make my life bearable just so I can brag about having a couple extra dollars in the bank.


That’s kind of the point though. If “hustling like a crackhead” wasn’t obviously a bad thing, there’d be no joke here.

ShitOnABrick, avatar

This is truly motivational



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  • worldsayshi,

    I read it as making fun of hustle culture.

    TurtleJoe, avatar

    You might see it that way, because you’re predisposed to seeing how ridiculous it is, but people have been using this unironically for a long time now.


    I mean it should be obvious to anyone, including the addict, that a crack addict is not a reasonable role model. That doesn’t make the quote false. But it kind of makes it obviously implied that going to that length is not healthy.


    You’re gonna be out hussled by a crack head regarding your anti-capitalism uprising?

    Just flip it the way you need it.

    I’m not gonna be out hussled. I will find a way to get my dick out of the toaster.


    I hurt my dick today

    To see if I still feel

    I focus on the bread

    The only puss that’s real


    Damn, people on Lemmy are among the least fun people I’ve ever seen, based on these comments.


    Your name is literally anticorp and thats what most of these comments are saying.

    How would you like them to respond? /genc


    You don’t need to pick everything apart. It’s okay to joke around.

    MacNCheezus, avatar

    Instructions unclear, now I’m addicted to crack.

    Boozilla, avatar

    I feel like Gus Johnson could make a video out of this.




    (Shh don’t tell anyone I stole this from another post two minutes ago)

    FlyingSquid, avatar

    So you’re saying that you should suck a guy’s dick in a dark alley for $20 in order to be successful?


    if you’re good at a service, always get paid for it 🤷🏼


    Gotta start somewhere


    That’s the right attitude. Maybe someday you can move up to sucking dick in a dark basement instead of the alley


    You gotta do what you gotta do for $20.

    cows_are_underrated, avatar

    20$ are 20$


    $20? Damn, ain’t inflation a bitch?


    $20 are $20


    $2$0$ are $2$0$


    $20 is $20


    Work like it’s a crippling addiction - it’s not as though crackheads have miserable lives, their bodies literally falling apart as their minds figuratively do the same, until they either muster the incredible willpower to endure the intense suffering required to drop the habit, enduring lifelong consequences, or die an early death.

    As far as red flags go…


    Not a fair comparison to us non-drugged people because apparently crack cocaine is quite energizing & makes people highly -driven to get shit done.

    Just a buncha normies here wallowing in existential dread & unshakeable procrastination.

    problematicPanther, avatar

    so i should start smoking crack, is what you’re saying.


    Well you know, lemmy knows best?


    Yeah, I don’t need anything as much as that crackhead needs crack.

    doublejay1999, avatar

    LinkedIn vibes

    Dirk, avatar

    So you say I should rob a store, or what?

    Kushia, avatar

    Yeah because fuck hustle culture.


    Even without hustle culture I’m not going to be as motivated as a crackhead looking for a fix because I am not powered by addiction. I’m more motivated to sleep and eat way too much pie so a pothead would be better competition.


    I’ll take the long odds of you vs. a serious pothead in being more chillaxed and housing mucho pie


    I’ll take those odds too lol but it’s a much closer contest that my motivation versus a crackhead


    it’d seem like your only move is hustle

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