downpunxx avatar

I still have the box my S5 came in


Not only i have one, i once made use of it to someone on a bus ride who randomly needed to swap the sim card. I happened to sit next to him.

Resol, avatar

I can only imagine NileRed putting this in his box of radioactive watch hands

thegreenguy, avatar

These are the only reason I don’t throw away phone boxes


I am not responsible for most of the random stuff I own, but at least for that thing I found a good place. I keep it between the back of my phone and my phone case. I have to remove the case anyway to access the slot, and then it is just right there available.


I can always find a random thing to do it. It’s also possibly to pry it from the gap sometimes


This is why us millennials keep our phone boxes


I keep mine on my keys :)


I’ve tried that. Too painful


I’m sorry :(

Lemmygradwontallowme, avatar

I’m not a responsible person, though, I’m too lazy to move that shit around often to have it lost outside my closet…


I use a heroin syringe.


Pro tip right here, it juices up the performance


If you use a used one, hey, that’s just up cycling!

razieltakato, (edited )

I thought there was a hole in your hand I didn’t see the metal. I just saw straight through them. Wtf


You should put them all on a keyring!

ilovesatan, avatar

I used to work for Asurion, I got a dozen of them you can have .

JamesConeZone, avatar

Earring gang where you at


In a bag with charger and other accessories. Don’t recall actually using it more than once. Paper clips are the traditional solution.


I don’t have mine, but I kind of do, most bit sets for electronics include a bit for Sim card ejectors.


Have mine sitting in a dish on my desk right in front of me. It’s what I use to pop off our Arlo doorbell to bring inside to charge it back up when the batteries are low.

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