NutWrench, avatar

Remember when some cheap company sold a bunch of bald, unfinished Bratz dolls and tried to claim they were going through chemotherapy?


That sounds amazing but I can’t find that by searching for it. Do you have a link?

NutWrench, avatar
ErKaf, avatar

Thanks for the red circle. I nearly didn’t notice that comment.


Omg does Lenny have a community for unnecessary red circles?

ErKaf, avatar

Just searched and didn’t find any. Want to create one together? Haha


Just searched and didn’t find any.

If only there was a red circle to help us find it!


Of course they can, haven’t you seen Toy Story?

FauxPseudo, avatar

I’m waiting for the first blind one

RIP_Cheems, avatar

Old but gold


can someone tell me where in the picture i’m supposed to be looking

ChaoticNeutralCzech, avatar

First look at slightly above center and read 2 lines in a centered window 80% of image width. Then aim for 95% down, 95% left and read a line 85% of image width.

Always happy to help the visually impaired appear normal in public!

Holzkohlen, avatar

Could you add a flashing arrow pointing to where I should look. One for each step that is. Thanks


top right, thank me later


Are you the first doll from American Girl with eyesight loss?


i just might be


What actually happened is far far worse.

She was the first American Girl doll who could hear, and they’ve gone and made her deaf.

Poor thing.

jray4559, avatar

Wow, finally, a doll for me!

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ChaoticNeutralCzech, (edited ) avatar

That’s mean. HoH children will love the representation. They have very few relatable characters in media.


I’m presuming American Girl is a company, and not an UnSub


Nah, just a random young female American who likes improsoning toys 🤷

She has a brother named Sid, evidently…


The thumbnail looks like a toy Sids sister would have actually

Lord_ToRA, avatar

I’m so glad that red circle was there. I would have totally missed the joke.


Also, why had that American girl been holding the doll captive?

FlyingSquid, avatar

“I’m Talky Tina. And I have a cochlear implant.”

anonionfinelyminced avatar

I'm just happy for the red circle, without which I could never have completely understood this meme.
sensible chuckle

idunnololz, avatar

The red circle is for people who cannot see.

Zerush, avatar
anonionfinelyminced avatar

"Now I really get it!"


Well it’s nice to know that their new haunted doll cannot hear us. Unless of course we sign, or otherwise use our hands in an exaggerated manner while speaking.

ivanafterall avatar

I suspect the doll with hearing loss knows sign language.


Shit I need to go apologize to my haunted doll.


Because you are haunted?




Note that it is not blind. It can still see you.


^(it can still smell you)


Whatever you say, Mr. Tom, a dildo lover.


Also this one comes with hearing aids. So it can still hear you, just not as well as the others.

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