Wtf is an uncorrupt government?

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Exactly. We could also eliminate carbon emissions by moving everything via unicorns and fairy dust.


Never older than like 12 hours

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Bold assumption that it’d take that long


A contradiction in terms? Fantasy?


Wtf is an uncorrupt capitalist society? We have to try to keep both in check and will never be perfect.


“Military Intelligence”

Two words combined that can’t make sense 🎵


based megadeth

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Honestly I believe this to be a way more important issue to discuss than the whole capitalism vs socialism vs communism vs whatever else argument. If your ideas can easily be perverted by corruption then it won’t work.

I have some ideas but I’m just some idiot on the internet. I think you need checks and balances. Have at least two groups with similar power at odds with one another. One example is corporation vs government. But I don’t think just 2 groups is good enough. Ideally you probably want 3 groups at the very least. I know many governments around the world already uses this sort of structure internally (eg different branches of government), but I don’t think these solutions take into account the existence of mega corporations that can act across country borders.

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you mean for example germanys separated power of the legislative, executive and judicative powers? yeah, that works out pretty shit.

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All types of governance and economic systems are susceptible to despotism.

It takes a constantly educated and involved population to fight it.


Serious question. Is it possible to do this with very large populations? It seems like it might get inherently more complicated with several tiers of government (federal, state, county, city, etc…)

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It definitely feels like Dunbar’s Number is a gate to keep this from being effective in large communities.

If we can’t view more than a finite amount of other humans as being “real,” how do we begin to get massively large groups of humans to care for one another? This is a question I don’t have the answer to.

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Because you don’t have to view them as “real” to know that caring for others can make things better for you too.

I don’t think the issue is the being able to care, the issue is the arseholes turning groups against each other for their own gain.


“I only do the right thing because God will punish me if I don’t” vibes lol.

Why can’t you just operate from a principle of making things better for everyone?

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What a system is capable of doing initially for a lucky fraction of the populace and where its inevitable and terrible end leads for the vast majority are two entirely different things.


When properly regulated, capitalism does raise standard of living for the vast majority.


You got downvoted but you are correct. It raises it higher for some more than others but it does improve for everyone.


The problem in the US is it's so lightly regulated that we we living under an oligarchy in the name of "freedom."

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😖🤚 Capitalism: Liftes over a billion of the world's poorest people out of extreme poverty in the last century, but also Jeff Bezos' yacht is like, really big though.

😉👉 Socialism: Impoverished their societies so thoroughly that they starved to death (or straight-up murdered) over 100 million of their own citizens in the last century, but you gotta admit Stalin and Pol Pot had much more reasonably-sized yachts.


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The problem there is the same as that of idealised communism, you're relying on humans to do what they typically don't do. Humans will take for themselves at the cost of communities if they feel they can get away with it, including the ones in government.


Capitalism is literally predicated on “you should take for yourself at any cost” and does everything in its power to limit anything that might bring consequences.


“Uncorupted Goverment” LoL when did that last happen under Capitalism?










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except of course no government can regulate a Freed market.

If we truly Freed the market of government controls the workers could ownership of the fruits of their labor and the laws of supply and demand would regulate the market naturally


That’s just what happens when you actually ban pedo-nazis and racists instead of passively protect them like reddit does.

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That's why I'm here. All the corporate owned social media are blatantly far-right fascists. Everywhere else is just thick with Nazis and racists.

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I came here to escape from the far left and their control over Reddit. The fediverse(kbin in my case) allows me to block any political shit, which makes my browsing experience far nicer.

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Reality is not left leaning. Leftist politics are reality-leaning


I'm a leftist and I disagree. Reality is politically neutral. I happen to believe unregulated a Freed market would result in a leftist market but we can't know that for sure until such time the revolution comes.

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I'm a big fan of socialism. In particular I love the way it starved 100 million socialists to death. All those "capitalist wars" put up rookie numbers at killing socialists compared to the might of simply not feeding them 💪


ok but how do you prevent the government from being influenced by the wealth of individuals. let me know when you find a way


Well, I guess that means we should shut down the government and let the bears rifle through our trash-laden streets then.


there is another side to this equation


by eliminating government which, I suspect, will also eliminate wealth.


The problem with that view is that it is idealistic in nature - government, by its very nature, will always become corrupt.


The government is people. So all you’re saying is people, by nature, will always become corrupt.


Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So yea.


Sounds about right.


And Corporations aren’t?


Corporations are even worse. I’m literally responding to the text in the meme.

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