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So I arrived at the house today to find a couple of gas workers removing my gas line.

Which, ok, I do want that. But!! I didn't book it in.

In fact, I called CovAU and to ask about the price, but they couldn't give me a price in advance, and their estimate was 2-4x more than the government rate information, so I explicitly told them not to book. And followed it up with an email saying the same, which they replied to in confirmation.

Has anyone else had this happen?

#GetOffGas #Renovation #Melbourne

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@jpm that is a much better idea. And what I would have done after the phone call I had on Friday.

But apparently someone at the company made my decision for me.

jpm, avatar

@keira_reckons strangely enough it’s what the retailer suggested we do

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Crikey. Mega!

Car crashes into Moon Dog brewpub at former Franco Cozzo store

(maybe paywalled)

sister_ratched, avatar

@timrichards Incredible development after all that hoo-haaa to set up the brewery!

timrichards, avatar

@sister_ratched All publicity is good publicity, I guess

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Walking up the stairs at Southern Cross Station in #Melbourne.

#Fujifilm #TTArtisan #photography

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@anathema_device Same! The steps are much easier to walk down :)

anathema_device, avatar

@ameel :shudder:

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On a tram to St Kilda. Am I imagining things, or is this a very mild May? Lots of sunshine lately. #Melbourne

imalcolm, avatar


Looks a wee bit “upper end of Fitzroy Street”-ish.

timrichards, avatar

@imalcolm Yep that's the spot

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This Azalea is looking the best in years. The leaves are a healthy, rich green colour. Previously they had a paler mottled appearance. It is autumn, yet it has a couple of flowers. I am not a fan of the frilly, pink flowers of some varieties but I like these flowers.

This plant was given to me by my mother. I receive her excess and unwanted plants. She enjoys buying plants and I enjoy receiving her rejects - a good arrangement.

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@Susan60 I have not done anything to deal with any pests or diseases which is why I am so surprised it has got rid of whatever pest that was causing the leaves to go pale and mottled.

Susan60, avatar

Wonderful! I like to use natural sprays etc, but they’re not always up to the task.

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PSA #melbourne people

23:52 ┄┄┄┄┄ ○ Full Moon (AEST)

get yer howl on

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Stuck on a westbound Collins Street tram near Parliament, something seems to have happened up ahead; can hear the odd siren. Eastbound trains are running OK though. Wonder what the issue is? #melbourne

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@leece Just seemed a risky calculation, as the tram might run again any moment.

leece, avatar


I was being silly with an Australian Crawl reference. Reckless. :-) I guess the song was set in Sydney so Melbourne Trams aren't quite the Manly Ferry.

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book lovers: I spotted two very exciting looking things this weekend:
Readings is having a warehouse sale at their north Melbourne warehouse on Saturday

The Art Book Fair Stallholder Fair is happening at NGV Friday through to Sunday

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Eating lunch in the sun outside Docklands Library. This is much nicer weather than we normally get in late May - usually it's icily cold all day by now.

#melbourne #MelbourneWeather

skyfire747, avatar

@timrichards nice place for lunch and some nice looking boats as well. 😃

perkinsy, avatar

Someone has stolen the salvia that was thriving in our street garden and covered in flowers for months. It has been carefully dug out.

One of our neighbours has given up on a nice front garden because of people stealing his plants. This is why I stick to nasturtiums and geraniums - free and easy to grow from cuttings or seeds. No-one wants to steal them.


#Melbourne #GardeningAU

aeduna, avatar

@perkinsy <staring> worth putting in a camera? I mean, its almost certainly locals.

weezmgk, avatar

@perkinsy sure. Augment your sign with a greyscale photo of the garden, pop a datestamp in one corner. Then the 'find the camera' games begin 🤭

golgaloth, avatar

Sad to be leaving #Melbourne, but it is raining, so it's not all bad.

#travelling #c16Reboot

imalcolm, avatar


Aww, but we organised the rain to reinforce the cliche!

golgaloth, avatar

...Well done...

timrichards, avatar

I took a photo yesterday of the IOOF Building as I was passing the corner of Elizabeth and Collins Streets. It opened in 1973 as the MLC building, and I believe it was the tallest building in Melbourne back then. I like the modernist curve.

jessta, avatar

@timrichards It would be so much better without the boring building at street level.
seems to do a lot of tall buildings that don't connect to the ground so you have to look up to even notice they are there.

Susan60, avatar

And we seem to be returning to more interesting shapes. The interior of these buildings still leaves a lot to be desired however.

timrichards, avatar

It's dark out there, so it's time to stop working. Them's the rules.

brett, avatar

@timrichards it really does! That’s amazing.

timrichards, avatar

@brett The iPhone cameras doing their tricksy thing

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'Ditch the lawn' movement in southern Australia shows the benefits of removing the traditional patch of grass in front of homes and planting things that will attract birds etc.

My mother ripped up her front lawn in 1987 and again in her new place in 1993. At the time I thought it was strange but the results in both gardens convinced me that this was a great idea.

If we needed a place for our children to play we walked to a park

#GardeningAU #Melbourne

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I get earache from the local old.ladies about my unkept, insect friendly yard.. Apparently I make the neighborhood look untidy. The damn council is forever mowing as well :(

perkinsy, avatar

@largess That is a tricky situation!

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⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #JeremyHegge / #PartialVeil in Loc.: #Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 2024 - Title: "Lapis Lazuli Bonet" 🍄 - #Art #Streetart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #Nature #Mushrooms #Artist #Funghi ➡️ #APhotoLove

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@feliz 😉🫶🏼

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