I bought one of these earlier this year. I still have a 1/4 of it left. Its rich and dense, eating more than a slice in one sitting will make you question how many calories you can eat in a day.


But now we’re questioning your health. Cakes can’t last more than a few days, especially with dairies


That sounds like a nice way to lose your kidney.


You’re responsible for the fork, kidney, and plate. I’ll bring the knife.

anarchy79, avatar

If you’re paying, you can eat a slice and throw the rest in the face of a gay hobo or something. No need for friends.

LemmyKnowsBest, (edited )

This seems like a parody of how Costcos in Mexico have a whole mob of customers come in at opening every day to fight over the pies & cakes, which all get immediately bought up, to be re-sold by individual slices at marked-up prices at local bakeries delis.


Seems like there’s a large underserved market


Wouldn’t it take less time and money to just bake them? They’re just pies. It’s not like the recipes are secret. I could see a deli doing that but not a bakery.

If you already have the whole bakery all you need is some butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. And you can advertise “Not from Costco!” pies.


Yes it’s probably about deli owners. not bakery owners.


bro has never heard of refrigeration


Maybe bro hasn’t heard of self control.


bro has never heard of a freezer


But it’s 118°C outside. No one survives once they leave the store.


I think it’s 118 in “third world and America” degrees.

MrJameGumb, avatar

That sounds like it would taste pretty good, but I just have no desire to stand in the blazing hot parking lot of a Costco with a group of strangers all furiously wolfing down a pound of chocolate pie each lol


It’s stated there you will have to be fast, so just be fast.

MrJameGumb, avatar

Maybe I’ll just bring a Tupperware so I can eat it at home like a human being



FlyingSquid, avatar

Excuse me, but it’s peanut butter chocolate pie.


I mean, this kinda sounds like it just needs an okay car stereo and a hot dog cart and it’s a party.

wander1236, avatar

Are they still selling this? If so, I think I’ll need to make a Costco trip soon


I’ll meet you there, and I have an extra fork so you don’t need to bring one


Some Costcos have stopped (they rotate pie options throughout the year) but you might be able to find them still

RiikkaTheIcePrincess, avatar

Just having critters to split things with would make so many things more tryable :-\

wreckedcarzz, avatar

Be fat, be happy, die young. Enjoy that whole pie.


After more than 2 slices of that, I would not be happy anymore.

wreckedcarzz, avatar

That’s why you eat it as 1 whole slice. LPT taps head


I actually freeze slices of those cakes. It lasts months

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