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1/ After having tested it for some time, ( @phanpy ) is now my one and only client. The interface is sleek, and you can tell there's clear intentionality behind every single design choice.

First, look at how gorgeous nested replies look! I no longer struggle trying to decipher who's replying to what. And when you reach too many nested levels, a button gives you the choice to deploy them or not, to keep things clean.

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@astro_jcm @timbray @phanpy If you want to love Phanpy even more, check out

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@Brendanjones @timbray @phanpy Oooh, nice, thanks!

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@astro_jcm @phanpy
Just tested it with a local webserver, not impressed. Unnecessary waste of screen estate (empty space around posts), all sorts of distracting animations (the image panning is particularly annoying), boost asks for confirmation, and none of that is configurable. I'm gonna stick with the default client.

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@astro_jcm @phanpy Oh that looks nice. I'm currently an Elk user but giving it a try and may end up switching

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@astro_jcm @phanpy Thank you for such a detailed write up. I have it bookmarked and I am impressed with the UI/UX so far. I love a good web experienced versus the app jungle. One feature I regularly use that I did not find is the ability to schedule a post, which is great to setup a daily or weekly series of posts when time allows.

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@tonymasiello @phanpy Scheduling would be awesome!

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@astro_jcm @phanpy Phanpy is awesome! If you're interested, @agora is a Mastodon client that's a fork of Phanpy and adds things like:

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@andrew @phanpy @agora Thanks! I'll check it out.

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2/ You can configure multiple columns with different content. Here I just show three, but you can have more.

You can add Explore and Local/Federated timelines from instances other than your own, which is great to stay updated on different topics.

And if you don't like multiple columns, you can have just one at a time and switch between them via a menu bar or deployable shortcuts.

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3/ Toots have different colours:

  • white: people you follow
  • yellow: replies/threads
  • green: hashtags you follow
  • purple: boosts
  • yellow stripes: private mentions

The colours are very subtle and not distracting at all. They really do help you understand why you're seeing each toot.

I particularly appreciate the way private mentions are shown, as these aren't always obvious in other clients.

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4/ If a toot contains a hashtag you follow, it will be highlighted in green on top of that toot, but only if you don't follow that person, otherwise the toot will appear just white.

This is extremely useful to identify new people to follow! With other apps I often found myself in situations where I thought I was following someone just because I kept seeing their toots via a hashtag I follow. Now I can instantly tell without having to manually check if I'm following them.

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5/ Threads look great. Phanpy automatically numbers your toots! I'm manually numbering them here just for the benefit of people using other clients.

Only the first and last toots are shown in full. The other ones are shown with a smaller font and abridged, thus saving screen real state.

Sometimes people might add a toot to an older thread. That's ok! That toot will appear as a standalone one, but Phanpy will still label it as part of a thread with the corresponding number.

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6/ Consolidated notifications also look gorgeous, very similar to Elk if you've used that client.

And yes: the "boost" icon is a cute little rocket. And when you boost someone's toot that rocket will lift off! Phanpy gets bonus points from me just for that :D

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7/ While there isn't a native mobile app as far as I know, there is a progressive web app that works very well (at least on Android, I don't have an iPhone) and is just as customizable.

For instance, while you can still have multiple columns and switch between them by swiping horizontally, I always worry that while doing so I might accidentally like or boost someone's toot. So on mobile I access these multiple feeds via a menu bar rather than swiping.

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8/ There are other features I haven't mentioned, like managing different accounts.

EDIT: when I wrote this thread I mentioned that reporting wasn't implemented yet. Now it is.

Phanpy has completely replaced all the other apps I've been using so far and has made my #Mastodon experience so much more enjoyable.

So go check it out at

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Thanks for this! 👍

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@astro_jcm Reporting is actually in the dev build now (I think), @cheeaun has published screen caps of how it works, it's cool.

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@timbray @cheeaun Thanks! Yes, someone else just linked to the dev build and it's indeed there. Really excited about it!

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@astro_jcm looks really nice so far - will definitely be trying it!

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@astro_jcm Reporting users is in regular now. (Just noting it here because I’m using your excellent thread to recommend phanpy to others.)

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@callionica Cool, thanks! I'll edit that toot accordingly.

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@astro_jcm This is so so helpful, thank you. I’m going to check this out immediately!

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THIS is an extremely useful feature and all clients should have something similar!

I have mentioned this many times 😉

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@MylesRyden I know, right?!? It's a little thing that makes such a big difference.

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@Gargron 🤔👍

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