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If you're exploring #OpenStreetMap like me and is too heavy for you, try #OSMapp ( It uses #MapTiler. It's fast, looks nice and works great on the phone, too. 👌

#OSM #maps

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@sesivany if you're in France, checkout, an alternative to Google Maps that I'm actively developping :)


Does it support Catalan language ?? thank's

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@marcfp No idea, it speaks Czech for me. 🤷 Just open the link and see for yourself.



It looks and works really nice. 👌

Just last week, I replaced the embed map on a website that I manage for a friend (after all the things that happend with paied without targeted ads) with embed OSM map.

This app looks even better and has a nice outdoor layer. Does anyone know if there is a way to embed it? I didn't find it.

The website for reference:

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@tensob_ I think it's meant as an end-use app, not for embedding. It uses MapTiler that can be used for embedding. Alternatively there is MapBox which has a pretty generous free tier. @jachym might have better info. He works for MapTiler AFAIK.

alberto_molina, avatar

@sesivany I didn't know that, thanks for sharing.
On the phone I'm happy with Organic maps: you can download the maps, so it works fully offline


waimus, avatar

@alberto_molina @sesivany Organic Maps is also the one I used on Android, it's the fastest map app could run on my phone.

But I also have OsmAnd~ when I want to submit places to OSM.

sesivany, avatar

@waimus @alberto_molina I also have Organic Maps installed on my phone. Sadly they don't have a layer with hiking trails, so I have to rely on OsmAnd for that.

vwbusguy, avatar

@sesivany I have a MapBox API integration in my Nextcloud with Nextcloud Maps and it works pretty well. There is an open street map integration, IIRC, but it was less straightforward to setup last time I tried.

sesivany, avatar

@vwbusguy That's a good tip. I'll try Nextcloud Maps since I already have a Nextcloud instance. Thanks!

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