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BobQuasit, (edited )

Okay, I wouldn't be here if Beehaw hadn't defederated from and I'd set up an account a few days ago, but every time I logged on here the lag was intolerable. Luckily things seem much more stable now.

It's quite a change from Beehaw - being able to create magazines, for example. I'm tempted to give that a try for my favorite tabletop RPG, since there isn't one for it yet. I also quite like this microblogging option, although I'm confused about where it actually is in the Fediverse! Am I on kbin now, or

Anyway, although I like the relative niceness and safety of Beehaw, I'm glad to have the option of an account here, too. Truth to tell, I'm not comfortable with ANYBODY telling me that there are things I can't see. Or things I can't say, for that matter. Both of which have become common as hell on Reddit.

imaqtpie, avatar

Btw, I was unable to comment on this post until I selected English in the language selector. If you're having problems replying to certain posts or comments, but not others, it's probably something to do with the language selector being janky.

JohannesOliver avatar

You posted this to the main page of

IMO the kbin microblogging is pretty confusing, I wish they made it look more like Mastodon. Gonna have people accidentally creating posts in random communities.

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