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@linux_gaming Have a question. Is possible to connect and a bluetooth TV with Linux Mint? bluetoothctl can not be connect to this device and I try difirent ways as possible. I need to extend my screen without HDMI.


Np :) glad I could help

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adding to this good answer: you can also stream from vlc to chromecast

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Pretty cool how the Fediverse works right? You can directly follow the Linux Gaming Lemmy instance (it's like an open source Reddit).


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You tell me man I’m confused

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@Undearius here, there, everywhere


I've used Linux lite and Fedora(Gnome edition) so far, and trying to hop Distro(plus, I lost my actual boot drive. Not to worry, I know I've left it in my friend's house, so the data is safe. Plus, no important data were on it in the first place).
Considering the recent incidents with the Red Hat Enterprises, I'm not sure if I should go with any of their distributions. Which would be a great OS for me, you guys think? @thelinuxEXP @linux @Linux @linuxmagazine @linux_gaming


NixOS is very different, it will make you stop wanting to hop


@iopq I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the info😊


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