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Time for this week's #Linux and #OpenSource news video!

In this one, #Nintendo sues the makers of the Yuzu emulator, #Nvidia's CEO says coding will be done by AI exclusively and we should stop learning how to code, and we have the #KDE Plasma 6 release, plus some more work on the NVK drivers:

Ray_Of_Sunlight, avatar

@thelinuxEXP "Stop learning how to code" it's the worse advice you can give to a programmer 😅

Supertapani, avatar

@thelinuxEXP Even if AI managed to produce more than a few lines of code, it would still take a programmer to describe the problem.

I know. I have written enough databases for corporate morons who simply have no idea of what they want.

Haijo7, avatar

People have actually made programs that allow the user to describe what kind of program they want and what the program should do, the program then creates another program based on your input.
They call these programs compilers

CC: @thelinuxEXP

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