The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

That’s great to hear, although I can’t help but imagine someone getting a letter saying “The Pope would like to have you over for spaghetti.” and thinking it was some sort of absurdist humor.

ShaunaTheDead avatar

The State already did it

livus avatar

It does sound funny. But they already know him, because they appealed to him during covid when they were hungry, and he helped them back then.

It sounds way better than spaghetti:

To publicly indicate that the poor must be treated like the richest, the group dined on cannelloni pasta filled with spinach and ricotta plus meatballs in a tomato-basil sauce and cauliflower puree. They were served tiramisu and petit fours for dessert.


Fun fact: Sucking on some noodles and balls is an age-old tradition of the Catholic clergy.


Taking a step up from eating the body of Jesus in mass to eating the FSM at dinner

princessnorah, avatar

Many of the trans women were Latin American immigrants and ineligible to get the vaccine in Italy.

Wow. Australia’s fucked and racist in a lot of ways but immigration status made no change on whether you could get vaccinated here or not.


It’s not that they couldn’t get it just that the government was not going to provide it. Italy got hit hard as fuck and had limited vaccines at the outset.

princessnorah, avatar

It was free for everyone here ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yes as well as many other countries, doesn’t mean better or worse just different situations and different values.

And just to reiterate they could still get the vaccine they just had to register and jump through some hoops.…/covid-19-vaccines-undocumented-migran…


I’d be careful, it’s not a religion to be trusted.


We are all out of kids to diddle, someone gotta entertain the priests.

anonionfinelyminced avatar

People are really underestimating the bravery here: eating spaghetti and meatballs while wearing a head-to-toe pure white outfit is either extraordinarily bold or demonstrates a level of faith that's unbelievable even for the pope!


Truly the lamb of god.


Meatballs are usually beef tho.

livus avatar

I mean he probably does, but in this case it was cannelloni which is way easier.


He’s just asserting dominance


Wow… That’s very progressive for a religious leader! Kudos to him!

DrownedRats, avatar

It’s definitely refreshing to see religious leaders literally practising what they’re preaching. It’s a small step in right direction and I hope it’s only one of many.

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