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Infynis, in Republicans Issue New Government Shutdown Threat Over Trans People (USA) avatar

Representative Dan Crenshaw stated in June that such bans are the “hill we will die on.”

You promise?

BolexForSoup avatar

I think the Republicans forgot that one of the cornerstones of what made the civil rights movement successful was bigots overplaying their hand and getting too heavy-handed in loud, public ways.

blindsight, (edited )

We need a catchy soundbite/slogan to call out anti-trans bigots, but I can’t think of anything that’s short enough and still evocative.

“Punching down on trans youth instead of [fixing real problems]” (Instead of what? Can’t think of anything punchy, no pun intended.)

Actually, in this specific case, there’s some nice repetition with “punch down” and “shut down”. How about:

“Shut down the government to punch down on trans kids”


Punching down on trans people rather than punch down inflation at the gas pump and grocery store.

BolexForSoup avatar

“Punching down on trans youth instead of fixing the border” (since they tanked the deal)

No rhyme scheme or anything but short and clear

“Picking on kids instead of picking good candidates”?

Idk there’s something there as you said.

Gonkulator, avatar


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  • bappity,

    can I help too? I’ve got a shovel so they can dig their own graves!

    ZeroCool, in Florida fines high school for allowing transgender student to play girls volleyball

    The student, a 10th grader who played in 33 matches over the last two seasons, was removed from the team last month after the Broward County School District was notified by an anonymous tipster about her participation. Her removal led hundreds of Monarch students to walk out of class two weeks ago in protest.

    Good on those kids for standing up for their classmate. And good on the adults at the school that let her continue playing volleyball for as long as they could. Fuck DeSantis and fuck Florida.


    And fuck the anonymous tipster.

    sour avatar

    at least provide real name


    Damn right. Imagine being such a piece of garbage that you choose to spend your free time trying to take a sport away from a 15 year old kid. It’s unconscionable.

    Th4tGuyII avatar

    Yeah. What a huge piece of shit going out of their way to rip the joy out of a poor kid's hands like that.

    I hope that one day somebody fucks them over in the same way, just so they can get a taste of how that feels.

    brenstar, in They Checked Out Pride Books in Protest. It Backfired.

    The article:

    Adrianne Peterson, the manager of the Rancho Peñasquitos branch of the San Diego Public Library, was actually a little embarrassed by the modest size of her Pride Month display in June. Between staff vacations and organizing workshops for graduating high school students, it had fallen through the cracks and fell short of what she had hoped to offer.

    Yet the kiosk across from the checkout counter, marked by a Progress Pride rainbow flag, was enough to thrust the suburban library onto the front lines of the nation’s culture wars.

    Ms. Peterson, who has run the library branch since 2012 and highlighted books for Pride Month for the better part of a decade, was taken aback when she read an email last month from two neighborhood residents. They informed her that they had checked out nearly all of the books in the Pride display and would not return them unless the library permanently removed what they considered “inappropriate content.”

    “It was just kind of like, ‘Whoa, curveball,’” Ms. Peterson said. “I began to wonder, ‘Oh, have I been misunderstanding our community?’”

    Soon, she would get her answer: Stacks of Amazon boxes containing new copies of the books the protesters checked out started to arrive at the library after The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the protest. Roughly 180 people, mostly San Diegans, gave more than $15,000 to the library system, which after a city match will provide over $30,000 toward more L.G.B.T.Q.-themed materials and programming, including an expansion of the system’s already popular drag queen story hours.

    In an ever divided nation, Americans are waging battles in big ways and small, right down to turning their library cards into protest weapons.

    Right-wing activists have challenged the recognition of June as Pride Month and have sought to remove textbooks from schools and L.G.B.T.Q.-affirming picture books from libraries. In Republican-led states, those in office have used their power to change policy and ban materials contested by conservatives.

    But even in California and other states led by Democrats, demonstrations against Pride events and L.G.B.T.Q.-themed books have broken out in recent weeks.

    In North Hollywood, a neighborhood within the liberal stronghold of Los Angeles, a Pride flag was burned at an elementary school and dueling protests days later over a Pride assembly devolved into scuffles outside the campus. In Temecula, not far from San Diego, the conservative majority of the school board twice rejected elementary school materials that discuss Harvey Milk, the slain gay rights leader, and L.G.B.T.Q. history before agreeing to acquire them after Gov. Gavin Newsom threatened to fine the school district $1.5 million for not complying with state standards.

    And in Chino, the state’s superintendent of public instruction, Tony Thurmond, was kicked out of a school board meeting on Thursday after criticizing a proposal by conservatives that would notify parents if a student asks to use a name or pronoun that does not align with their birth certificate.

    In San Diego, supporters of L.G.B.T.Q. rights were quick to counter opponents. The city council member who represents Rancho Peñasquitos, Marni von Wilpert, condemned the library protest against Pride books and asked the community to help restore the display.

    Like many Southern California suburbs, Rancho Peñasquitos, in the northeastern part of San Diego, was once solidly Republican territory. But the community has become more liberal over the years, attracting a diverse range of residents with its highly rated schools and glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. Ms. von Wilpert is the first Democrat to represent the neighborhood.

    The political shift reflects changes in San Diego at large. Long known as a military town with religious roots that date back to the first Spanish mission in California, the city had favored Republicans for most of its history. But like other parts of the state, San Diego has grown more diverse after decades of immigration and the establishment of a booming biotech sector.

    The city also has embraced the L.G.B.T.Q. community; in 2020, voters elected Todd Gloria as San Diego’s first openly gay mayor, and have sent Toni Atkins to the State Legislature, where she has become the first lesbian to serve as the leader of each house. Both are Democrats.

    Ms. von Wilpert grew up in Rancho Peñasquitos and in 2020 won a closely fought race to represent her home district, where Democrats now have a plurality of registered voters and there are almost as many independents as Republicans. Ms. von Wilpert, who is a member of the L.G.B.T.Q. community, said she appreciated how quickly her neighbors rallied to support the library.

    “Suburban, formerly conservative communities are still not buying into this culture war idea that we can’t have love and tolerance and acceptance,” she said. “That has been amazing.”

    Conservative groups nationwide have pushed to ban books that discuss L.G.B.T.Q. issues from libraries and schools, saying that parents should be able to control what their children are being taught.

    The San Diego residents who sent the email to the Rancho Peñasquitos Library, Amy M. Vance and Martha Martin, did not respond to requests for comment. City officials said they have not heard since from the library patrons.

    The text of their email was identical to a template posted online by a right-wing group called CatholicVote, which has an office in Indiana and is not affiliated with the Catholic church. The group has promoted a “Hide the Pride” campaign that encourages supporters to check out or move books that depict L.G.B.T.Q. characters and families. Organizers have described such material as pornographic and obscene and said it should not be available to young library patrons.

    “The library needs to use its discretion in how it will make certain content available to people who have very different beliefs about whether this is appropriate for kids,” said Brian Burch, the president of CatholicVote.

    Among the books on the group’s target list are “Julián Is a Mermaid,” a picture book about a little boy whose grandmother takes him to a mermaid parade at Coney Island, and “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress,” another picture book about a boy who loves using his imagination and wearing an orange dress to school. Both were checked out by the protesters in San Diego.

    Mr. Burch said that his group does not encourage supporters to break the law. But, he said, if one decides to keep a book indefinitely, “that’s perfectly fine.”

    The mission of public libraries is to provide access to any kind of information, even if it is offensive to some, said Misty Jones, the director of the San Diego Public Library. The San Diego library system also does not restrict children from materials that have adult content, according to its library card form.

    Librarians say that it has become more difficult to retain open access as book challenges have exploded in the past two years.

    Last year, 2,571 unique titles faced censorship attempts — a 38 percent increase over 2021 and a record high, according to the American Library Association. The A.L.A. also documented 1,269 demands to censor library books or materials, the highest number since the association started collecting data more than two decades ago.

    In Greenville, S.C., library board members sought to ban two dozen titles this year, though they ultimately dropped that effort in favor of rules that restrict books on gender identity to adult sections. Last year, a Michigan town defunded its library after librarians refused to remove L.G.B.T.Q.-themed books.

    Deborah Caldwell-Stone, who serves as director of the association’s office of intellectual freedom, said that the protesters in San Diego and elsewhere have taken advantage of relaxed policies intended to make books more accessible to patrons who cannot afford hefty fines.

    In the San Diego Public Library system, card holders get five renewals for materials as long as no one else has requested them. Then, once a book is overdue, library patrons have two more months to return it before it is considered lost, and then they will be billed for it.

    “Things intended to broaden access have been weaponized to engage in censorship,” Ms. Caldwell-Stone said.

    At the Rancho Peñasquitos Library, the Pride display has since been replenished. As for the books checked out last month?

    They were recently returned.


    How did it backfire? Am I missing something?

    roofuskit avatar

    Did you read? The Library ended up with $30,000for more LGBTQ materials as well of boxes and boxes of the books they tried to keep from other patrons.


    Or the assholes stole shit and the better citizens were poorer by 30k. What about legal repercussions and getting the stolen goods back?

    roofuskit avatar

    You definitely didn't read the article.


    that sounds less like a backfire and more like a temporary reprieve because the groups that take these actions are better organized, funded, and with more members than the library's supporters can ever hope to match.

    the examples they cite in the article happening across the country for this type of behavior proves that they usually win.


    The community donated large amounts of money to the library in response, the display was replenished with books bought with that money, and the originals were eventually returned

    RedditWanderer, in Republicans Issue New Government Shutdown Threat Over Trans People (USA)

    Now the GOP is just going to threaten government shutdown until they can take over democracy completely.

    That’s sounds like terrorism


    Maybe I’m overly cynical, but I suspect this was the plan all along.

    OpenStars, avatar

    Don’t you post on Facebook or I’ll shut the government down!

    Don’t you post on Twitter or I’ll shut the government down!

    Don’t you post on Reddit or I’ll shut the government down!

    Don’t you post on Lemmy or I’ll shut the government down!

    At some point, I start to wonder if they are just searching for an excuse to shut it down?

    Also, there are laws about “obstructing the workings of the government”, but good luck enforcing them in the current environment, when the enforcers are themselves the ones doing it.


    I mean, if I could shut down my office without getting fired and still get paid, I’d consider it too.

    OpenStars, avatar

    Supposedly - and keep in mind I have no idea if this was ever true - there used to be “statesmen” who after living a long life of prosperity and success, would go and take their turn in Congress helping provide leadership for the nation as a whole.

    These people were already retired, already rich, and just looking to see what they could give back to society. Or maybe they were bored and just wanted to get far away from their wives, who knows.:-D Probably they were doing it for the fame, who even cares.

    Compare that nowadays though to the likes of MTG or Bohbert or Gaetz and such, whose sole goal in life seems to be to get theirs, and are willing and able to fuck over the entire country in the process.

    No, they may do some things like us - eat and sleep and breathe - but it takes a special kind of dipshittery to be willing to turn a blind eye to people in need (like in Ukraine) and sell out your entire nation (inflation, Russian and Chinese aggression, etc.) in that manner. I can only hope that you wouldn’t allow people in your own country to starve to literal death bc of your actions.

    They are playing power games, and they’d probably still play those even if their salaries were at stake too, more’s the pity:-(.

    agent_flounder, in UT: Cisgender Student Under Police Protection as Trans Panic Rages On avatar

    The fear and humiliation these cisgender girls are being subjected to is real, and deserves to be addressed. However, it also underscores the threats of violence that are increasingly darkening the lives of transgender people, particularly transfemmes, nationwide. If the mere possibility that a girl might be transgender is enough to spur such an extreme outpouring of rage the danger an actual transgender girl would face in similar circumstances is hard to overstate.

    FfaerieOxide, in Teenagers guilty of ‘senseless’ murder of transgender girl Brianna Ghey [CW transphobia]
    FfaerieOxide avatar

    Cheshire police said from the start they did not believe she was killed for being trans.

    “and I want to see if it will scream like a man or a girl”.

    Fuck y'all too, Cheshire police.


    Yeah, how blind can you possibly (pretend) to be, wth.

    The_Picard_Maneuver, in Pope invited trans women over for a pasta & meatballs dinner avatar

    That’s great to hear, although I can’t help but imagine someone getting a letter saying “The Pope would like to have you over for spaghetti.” and thinking it was some sort of absurdist humor.

    ShaunaTheDead avatar

    The State already did it

    livus avatar

    It does sound funny. But they already know him, because they appealed to him during covid when they were hungry, and he helped them back then.

    It sounds way better than spaghetti:

    To publicly indicate that the poor must be treated like the richest, the group dined on cannelloni pasta filled with spinach and ricotta plus meatballs in a tomato-basil sauce and cauliflower puree. They were served tiramisu and petit fours for dessert.

    MossMonger, in Children to stop getting puberty blockers at gender identity clinics, says NHS England

    ah yes. keeping trans kids safe by making them more suicidal. That’ll work! (sarcasm)

    ada, avatar

    They don’t even pretend their goal is about protecting trans kids. The lie is that it’s protecting cis kids…

    LadyAutumn, in Children to stop getting puberty blockers at gender identity clinics, says NHS England avatar

    “You know what could really be good for transgender youth? Let’s stop them from taking proven medical treatments that we have been giving to children with precocious puberty for the last 70 years! Lets make their lives worse and push them towards the very things they say make them feel depressed and suicidal!”

    I hate the way the article says “children”. No, not just any child but trans children. Are cis kids still able to get them for precocious puberty? Then what the fuck danger are they talking about? And look at them casually throwing out Maya fucking Forstater quotes as if shes just some random woman whos totally not a very vocal public face of transphobia 🙃 fuck the guardian.

    DessertStorms, in Children to stop getting puberty blockers at gender identity clinics, says NHS England
    DessertStorms avatar

    Providing transphobes with more fuel for their hate (the only "evidence" I have found to back this bullshit is that puberty blockers "don't significantly impact suicidal thoughts and dysphoria", but why would they on their own? It's only wilfully ignorant people who equate them to transitioning, when they're nothing of the fucking sort), while depriving children of the healthcare they need - two birds with one stone for the the fascist government hiding behind "medical concerns" for people they would clearly rather see dead.

    I hate it here more and more every passing day.

    phreekno, in Pope Francis: Gender ideology is the ugliest danger of our time - Vatican News avatar

    As if gender ideology is a thing. Its on the same line as saying people believe in “transgenderism”. Its just being trans or gender non-conforming/genderqueer. These people think they even know what they are talking about when they haven’t the slightest clue whatsoever.


    It’s a thing but not in the way he means it. Trans acceptance and traditionalist views of gender are both gender ideologies. He’s using the word ideology the way propagandists often do: describing an opposing view as an “ideology” to contrast it with his favored view, which he means to imply is simply The Truth™ and therefore above any ideological concerns.

    Rozauhtuno, avatar

    “Gender ideology” is as real as the boogeyman is real. It’s literally a conspiracy theory the right invented to scare themselves.

    HerbalGamer, in Pope Francis: Gender ideology is the ugliest danger of our time - Vatican News avatar

    idk religion seems a lot worse to me

    ChonkyOwlbear, in "Retaliation": Texas AG Paxton Demands PFLAG Provide Names, Addresses Of Trans Members

    Gun registration is tyranny, but THIS is totally okay.


    LGBTQ+ communities and individuals need to arm themselves.

    The time for gun control measures passed a long time ago, that cat is out of the bag.

    hydroptic, in Nex Benedict's mom raises doubts about police statements: It's a "big cover"

    Cops can’t be trusted to investigate hate crimes, because they more than likely support the criminal

    vikingqueef, (edited )

    cops are the largest group of violent thugs. international status.

    MiltownClowns, (edited )

    some of those that work forces…

    captainlezbian, in Ohio Video Shows Two Men Pissing On Home's Pride Flag, Banging On Door, Shouting Homophobic Slurs

    If they keep this shit up they’ll get shot sooner rather than later. Gays are armed here

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