People saying this is AI, I’m intrigued by the fact that I can’t tell if it is or not, and I’m hoping this leads to a world where we stop paying attention to photos and videos over time, sure there’s legal repercussions and whatnot both good and bad, but maybe we start valuing human interactions more. I don’t think I’m expressing my thoughts well enough, but it could be that AI when it’s more developed could lead us to assuming it’s all fake and not caring about the online world so much.


You just can’t even understand a T-shirt.


How can you not tell? Man’s hand is clipping into things, no tshirt is that low cut, his magic cigarette isn’t lit and that is certainly not how you spell Coca Cola.

All of those things are immediately noticeable, they jump out at you, but there’s probably a billion other tells that it’s AI once you stop to process it.


The answer to your question is in the last part of your comment, once you stop to process it So people literally look at pictures as a whole for just a second or two and only notice one or two key details, like human faces and then either move on (especially on social media)

I think most people are still not used to thinking pictures might be AI generated especially when the face, the first thing we generally focus on, looks pretty solid. AI is getting better and it’s hard to keep up.

The straw sticking out of the fries was what got me tho :P

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The smoke coming from the unlit cigarette lol


I saw this guy yesterday, just without the cigarette.


Or the super size fries. Shit would cost $10 nowadays.


McDonald’s and Jack in the Box have seriously been wildin’ with their prices lately. If I wanted to pay $20 for a meal, I’d go to a sit down restaurant.

dejected_warp_core, (edited )

I… I just can’t with this picture.

There’s simply too much here, and I can’t believe this isn’t a meticulously crafted caricature of life 40 years ago.

Edit: I’m an idiot and this is AI generated to the max.

  • This man’s t-shirt makes zero sense
  • The logo on the cup
  • The logo on the cup in the stall behind him
  • The florentine in the stall behind him
  • The “chair” the man in the back is leaning on
  • Who puts a straw in their fries?
  • Faceless people in the background
  • Seats on the booth in the back make zero sense

Bones, either your prompt editing is getting better or you’re being a lot more choosy about what to post. This is way better than the other one.

  • Window glare is inconsistent with shadows on subject, kid, tree
  • Maybe that’s a hand, or maybe dad lost some fingers somewhere
  • Chimney held up by some dubious looking carpentry
  • Grass is too green under an oak of that size, IMO. Bark is also kind of inconsistent.
  • Red spots on trunk that read like a scanner photosensor getting blown out due to glare from white areas on a photo print. But no part of a tree trunk is that white, and there are no other artifacts, like where we see glare on the window.
  • The front-door delete is actually not the weirdest part. I can see someone actually doing this. It’s just not likely.

It’s from the Internet K-Hole which is all real pictures I’m told?


At this point, I’m starting to question even my own sanity.


See, that one looks legit. Film grain, depth-of-field, zero anachronisms, and recognizable mascots on… a happymeal placemat? Even the prices look right, even though I can’t make out the menu items specifically. Also, repeated things that AI routinely screws up are correct: cashier’s fingers, sizing of cups behind her, drink fountain looks real, and the banners are evenly spaced and the same size.


But most importantly: what spell is he casting with that burger? Anything but eating it.

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This is a beautiful time capsule. Thank you for sharing


Sorry, but that’s AI generated shit.


Wonder how much he paid for all that compared to now?


5 bucks. I recall well.

@ThatWeirdGuy1001@lemmy.world avatar

That still seems expensive

@LemonLord@endlesstalk.org avatar

Question: where is the astray?

@Album@lemmy.ca avatar

As someone born in the 80’s… Where wasn’t the ashtray! They were embedded into everything!


Probably the coffee cup.

dejected_warp_core, (edited )

I clearly recall that McDonalds had these disposable thin-foil-metal trays with a company logo on 'em. But they had a habit of wandering off, and were never evenly distributed to all the tables in the dining room. I have no idea about the glass ones in the image search above.

Edit: looks like the paper water cup is the ashtray for this gentleman’s meal.

Edit2: I had a big dumb and this is not real. Carry on.




Was always my favourite place to grab a burglidaner


time traveler 👆


That’s the J TO THA R-O-C in the background. Knowhatimsayin dawg?



@BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

thats too many knomasayins


You takin a mafuckin knomcensus??


AI bullshit.


Dude in the backs hand


And it says “MOLIDANI” on the McDonald’s sign


He’s hiding his burger because he has two just for him 🤫


Let’s throw up in the 80’s


In the 1980s, that was an extra large soft drink.


This is just a photo taken today in Australia.


I thought cigarettes were like $40 a pack there.


The man in the picture is a billionaire. You can tell by the price of his mustache.


Where in Australia can you smoke inside a restaurant?


The Yabba.

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