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I wouldn’t have cared, but I ended up rooting for the Chiefs because it would piss off people I don’t like. Heh heh heh.

I started watching near the end of the 4th quarter, and it turned out to be a surprisingly good ending. It was anyone’s game, right up to the end, and only the second superbowl in history to go into overtime.

I generally don’t like football, so I watched it Live from Bikini Bottom on Nickelodeon.


“Good ending” says the guy who knows nothing about football and does not care

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By “good” I meant it was down to the wire and actually kept your attention. Lots of superbowls are boring blowouts.


My favorite part was when the 49s set a record for the longest FG in a Super Bowl, and then less than an hour later the Chiefs broke that record


The kicks were insane on both sides. I only watched a little bit but there was not a single kick that didn’t land past the end zone, field goal or otherwise.


You missed the one kick that was blocked then ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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Ooh, I didn’t know that happened. Nice!


I’ve been waiting my entire life to see my team win a Super Bowl, and freaking Swifties get one their first season.






My condolences

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I’m sorry. At least you have the Buckeyes?


I’m a fan, but they are more a Columbus team. Plus, a NCAA natty just can’t compete with a Super Bowl title.


After last night I’ve seen my team go to the big game and lose thrice in the past decade or so…is that better or worse?

Kittle > Kelce


Trust me, worse.


Phew, now she’s able to let Biden win the election. Was a close one there for a minute.


I am a proud leftist. I am also a football fan. I am also drunk. That said; fuck Travis Kelce as well as that turd man Patrick Mahomes. Ceasefire in Gaza now as well for the synapses in my brain on that WW3 timing


As a Ravens fan and a leftist I agree. The season was rigged from the start. I don’t know how it just was and no I won’t listen to reason.

If it gets it means Biden wins in November I’ll grudgingly accept it though.


Why so angry?


What’s so special about that bowl? Is it dishwasher safe at least?

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It’s superb.


Lol. 4chan loves Taytay. Tread lightly.


What do you mean? What is 4chan going to do?


Post a bunch of racist frogs, probably 🤷

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congrats joe biden!

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Viking_Hippie, (edited )

Ok, I’ll give him that one. First time that whole “dark Brandon” meme hasn’t been some cringe nonsense 😄


Dark Brandon isn’t meant to be serious. It’s meant to mock the Republicans who say, “Let’s go Brandon” (meaning fuck you Biden) and it references the conspiracy theory that he’s a devil-worshipping communist by referring to him as “dark.”

Anytime you see Dark Brandon, it’s the left mocking the extreme right for being idiots.


Holy shit that’s good


Can someone please explain this meme to a non-american? Been seeing this everywhere and the us president has posted that pic of himself with red eyes on twitter and I have no idea what’s going on.


A billionaire who makes very middling music goes to a football match to see her football player boyfriend play. Somehow this is a conspiracy.


I appreciate the “explain the movie plot badly” energy of this post.


Taylor Swift is dating someone who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Chiefs just won the Super Bowl. There were some very smart people online who had a conspiracy theory that the entire relationship was fake and that the Chiefs were going to win the Super Bowl so that Taylor Swift could endorse Joe Biden to all of America after they won.


I mean, Fox News anchors had entire segments about her potentially endorsing Biden if the chiefs win and how she should “stay out of politics”, as if they don’t impact everyone.


It’s only ‘stay out of politics’ when they support the left. If some mouth breather like Gina Carrano opens her stupid mouth about politics in their favor, they’re all for it.


The most marketable person on the planet is dating a dude on the chiefs. She recently asked people in the US to vote. That is bad for Republicans (regressives). Now the idiots say she is working for the “deep state.” You can’t use logic to change someone that believes themselves into it.


🎵She stays up too late … mmm hmmm🎵

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Pelosi’s team lost.


This was a contest between San Francisco and Taylor Swift’s boyfriends team. Don’t act like you won anything. Donald Scrump wasn’t even invited.

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I have no idea why people assumed my comment was MAGA related. The joke was that MAGA had to choose between Team TayTay (KS) and Team Pelosi (San Francisco). Did everyone forget that Pelosi represented San Francisco?

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You have to know before you can forget lol


Nvidia cleaned up recently though, so i think shes probably okay.


As someone who always had a fondness for the 49ers, how DARE you besmirch them so?

Next you’re going to call LA Lakers Harvey Weinstein’s team, the Diamondbacks the team of Joe Arpaio and the NY Rangers Team Woodie Allen!

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I meant no offense, but you have to admit that MAGA football fans having to choose between Team TayTay and Team Pelosi is hilarious.


I was just being silly myself and yeah, that IS glorious 😄


I was playing the “take a shot everytime Swift endorses Biden” game. I am angrily sober…

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Conspiracy theorists are hard at work trying to fit today’s events into an updated conspiracy theory that shows that her silence is actually part of the deep state plan.


The number of “look at this happy woman enjoying herself” angry posts is just the best.

These sad fucks just telling on themselves as they rage at simple human joy.

octopus_ink, (edited )

I was looking forward to sneering at those but haven’t seen any. Apparently I’m much better at creating a safe space away from the right wing loonies than I realized.

Edit: Ah, the secret is twitter. Of course. I see them now. lol


I feel like twisting that word to describe those people: Conswiftory Theorists


I called it the Swiftiebowl and apparently someone did a meme about the next Madden game that it included Taylor Swift and people lost their minds.

HerbalGamer, avatar

today’s events

whats going on

cygon, (edited )

From another outsider:

  • I think Taylor Swift is married to a player of one of the teams competing for the superbowl.
  • She previously encouraged young people to vote (but not for whom), which would be bad for Republicans as they’re unpopular with young people.
  • Right wing media cooked up a theory that the super bowl was fixed so the team of Taylor Swift’s husband would win, resulting in Taylor Swift being called to the victory celebration where she then would endorse Joe Biden.

As far as I take it from this thread, the team actually won, but the endorsement didn’t happen, confusing conspiracy nutters everywhere.


They’re not married, otherwise pretty good summary.


Maybe that’s a September/October thing. He doesn’t need it now.

remotelove, (edited )

Most of the camera shots I saw of the “crowds” were of Taylor Swift. (I saw one other person, maybe?) Whoo, boy! I bet that triggered some rednecks.


That’s bullshit they showed her like 5 times and plenty of other people


I only caught the last half, so I only saw her and one other. Still, you could be correct as Lemmy was actually holding my attention better.


I watched the whole game. Maybe don’t spout shit you didn’t watch


Lol! It’s a shit post on a shit post, chill.

Edited the comment for clarity. Happy?


11 times during the game on the CBS feed, then a bunch of cuts after the trophy.

We were counting as part of our drinking game.


My, how times have changed. Back in my day, we just took a shot every time Madden said something super-obvious. My liver hated that guy.


“If we look over there, we’re going to see some FOOTBALL!”


“Here’s a guy who when he runs, he moves faster.”


“At the end of the game the team with the most points on the board is going to win.”


If you win the first half, and you win the second half, you win the game


When you stop the offensive line, they don’t make any ground.


They had a dedicated camera guy for her


That uncomfortable shot of her biting her finger nails. I bite my fingernails. One of us! One of us!


Most celebrities are, in fact, human. Some of them though… I still have my doubts.


If there are aliens, Hollywood definitely has a selection of them.


Nah, it’s the CEOs and politicians.


The rednecks too busy getting triggered by Black Artists performing songs today, apparently… did anyone actually get pissed at Taylor Swift today?


The narrative is still forming, but someone is going to find something to stick shortly. (Something, something, bud light, something, bad influence to children… etc.)


My headlines I’m seeing “stick” are complaints about Usher’s halftime show and Andra Day singing Lift Every Voice and Sing.

But yeah, I see Taylor Swift stuff if I specifically search for it. But the anti-Black Artist thing seems to be the thing sticking. I dunno, lets see what happens tomorrow morning.


My memory is fuzzy, but haven’t most of the halftime performers been black over the last several years?

It seems like an odd thing to complain about now… whatever.


After the kneeling / Black Lives Matters thing just a few years ago??

Nah man, racial politics have penetrated into Football. The adults want it to go away because its mildly embarrassing to the league. But there’s a large group of racists who want to stir up anti-Black shit here.


Ah yeah, I forgot how bad kneeling was spun.


I think the point was that her voice cracked and it was a comparatively mid halftime show


I’d say they’ve all been pretty disappointing since Prince. He set the bar pretty high so it’s not really a fair comparison.


It’s interesting watching their narrative form. Often they don’t have an opinion on a subject until Fox News tells them to.


I have just yesterday finished reading a collection of stories about Soviet times, and there was a story about how editors were forbidden to print information about an earthquake until the central information bureau published that info. Something along the lines of “I felt the earthquake, too, but it didn’t happen until we got a green light from tops. And after we got one I will say that you brilliantly predicted the earthquake’s existence”


Ah yes. Racists getting upset about the “Black National Anthem”, painfully unaware that if they go to church, there’s a good chance it’s in their church hymnal.


Drunk guy angry that woman drinks, more news at 6!

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