Apparently these pitched battles have been happening monthly for years.

We need to bring everyone together and realize they all live in an us-terus, not a you-terus. Our slogan will be “Peace, period.”

ininewcrow, avatar

The vaginal-industrial complex thinks differently and much prefers to maintain the status quo as it generates more profit.


Wait, so does conception start at the mission briefing? Or the general’s speech? Asking to inform my local politician.


The initial assault phase wasn’t clear but I hope they both agreed to the rules of war.

andrew, avatar

I think this is just egg release. Conception takes yet another war room.

But from the diagram I’m going to assume this is referring to post-egg in the no-conception case, when the body decides all the uterine lining needs to go, and doesn’t care how painfully.

faceless, avatar

no its spelled red and blu

sour avatar

is ._.


I have done nothing but teleport yeast for three days.

Aurelius, avatar

I really should have read the headline. I thought this was a drawing of an antfarm

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