Just don’t put on your jean shoes…

Lord_ToRA, avatar

This could be a post itself lmao


Levi, get down jairs this minute, juppers ready!!!


I may be on my own with this, but shouldn’t the portmanteau start with denim (the fabric used) instead of jeans (a specific item made with that fabric)? I get that people already use the word jorts, and maybe some of these items actually are jeans converted into shorts, but I’d bet the vast, vast majority are just shorts made of denim, so are ‘denim shorts’, or ‘dorts’. #makedortsgreatagain


Am with you on this. Denim all the way!

You deserve the Geek-Award for the day. 🏅



I’ve heard “jean jacket” as well, for denim jackets.


Alliteration is more fun

Zink, avatar

Oh jod

ElBarto, avatar

You’re lucky your Jad didn’t hear you say that.

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