I dated a very attractive girl once that was very into ddr. But we were very young back then.

@dylanTheDeveloper@lemmy.world avatar

I’m personally a fan of ddr3


Could just be car keys.



@at_an_angle@lemmy.one avatar

JFC,I thought I had porn brain rot at one point, but this person is consumed by horny.


The dancer or the tweeter?




Are we tweeter, or are we dancer?

@AllNewTypeFace@leminal.space avatar

Gamer culture in the 2020s is wild

@joel_feila@lemmy.world avatar

Wtf why would it make that much noise


If it’s plastic or metal, as opposed to silicon, the lock can bang into it and make extra noise.

All three have their perks but either minimal lock and metal or silicon are generally the more “discreet” varieties.

Also true for women’s chastity devices, in terms of where the securing place is and what kind of locking mechanism you use.


this is fucking weird


Going off the Twitter profile picture and nothing else, I’m guessing this is a self post. Because what a wild ass thing to suggest. Normal humans assume keys or coins.

“Make fun of me and my chastity cage please!”


I found the poster on the birdsite, and from what I’ve seen of their pictures. No way is the subject them. The poster has way too long of hair for none of it to be visible in the photo.

Though having looked at their twitter, I am not surprised they said that about a stranger.


The poster has way too long of hair for none of it to be visible in the photo.

Bro, wait until you hear about the cool new hair prosthetic they just invented. I think they’re calling it a weg or wig, I dunno something like that. And then there’s all the hats and headbands that can be used to put hair up into fancy hairstyles that don’t just dangle all the way down like Rapunzel. Really good for vigorous physical activities like running or jumping or even dancing.

@MyFairJulia@lemmy.world avatar

It‘s pronounced WIG!

@programmer_belch@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

In fact they are not even playing at their maximum power

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Ya’ll. He has a chastity cage because of how he fucken plays DDR. Good fucken lord, look at that shit.

@YarHarSuperstar@lemmy.world avatar

What’s wrong with his technique? Many people use the bar for balance while playing.

@photonic_sorcerer@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Deutsche Demokratische Republik


What’s my favorite DDR machine? Der Trabi.


If you lean on the bar in Trabi, the engine falls out.


90% of the time when I’ve seen someone going ape shit in DDR they’re standing exactly like this

Sanctus, (edited )
@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

It says on the arcade machine not to hold onto that rail. Page 9, sticker 7. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1756526/Konami-Dance-Dance-Revolution.html?page=9#manual. Most people who did this received injuries, not high scores.

Edit: This is the manual, the company made. The engineers wrote the specifications. It says right there not to grab it. It doesn’t matter what people use it for. It was factually not designed to grab during play. This is a first hand example of facts not meaning shit to the human species.


Uh, then wtf is its intended purpose?

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

I have no idea, but its not for holding onto while playing. You’re more likely to twist your joints that way. Maybe it stops you from backing off the machine on accident?


There must be a legal point where something is so obviously meant for a use that no amount of “not meant to be used for this super obvious purpose” can no longer protect a company, right?

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

If you like to dance around, while grasping something that is immovable. Go for it. You’re gonna hurt yourself like I watched tweens do all throughout the 00’s at Gameworks. The bar was not made to grab.

@pomodoro_longbreak@sh.itjust.works avatar

My toaster oven’s manual says I have to power it down, clean out the crumb tray, and unplug it after every use or risk starting a fire. After every use. That’s literally what it says. This is what you get when you give the lawyers free rein over the technical writing. It’s insanity.


It’s for holding onto while playing, there’s literally stickers on the machine saying to do it. The current machines even advise it during the health/safety prompts. Current songs are charted specifically with the bar in mind. This isn’t 2001 anymore. This guy has absolutely zero fuckin idea what he’s talking about.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Okay, I just linked the fucken manuals for the machines. Sticker 7, do not hold.


First time hearing about liability?

Sometimes companies will say things that they don’t even believe themselves, just to protect themselves from the law.

It’s called LI - A - BIL - I -TY

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

That hardly proves the intended purpose. Either way, early 2000’s, if you held onto that during play you were weak.


Boy you couldn’t be wronger here, pretty much every perfect attack champion plays like this because it’s an unfair advantage. We shamed these people at our arcade but it doesn’t stop them from setting the highest scores no matter how stupid it looks. Dancing stage fixes this problem well enough.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

You can say that but I grew up in Gameworks. The people who grabbed the bar were inexperienced. If you played at home with the matt in between sessions you didn’t need the bar. We used to run town on the fools tied to the machine and not free to move their feet. But all the more to ya I guess.


Psh, he only got a C. Amateur.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

I was there, Gandalf. You were a weak ass bitch if you held onto the bars. Kids were brutal. I’ll die on this hill cause it was true and I lived it. Even if its not true anymore.


It says “not to hang or lean on during play,” not hold on to. You can hold onto it. Just don’t lean or apply significant pressure onto it.


It literally says verbatim: “please do not lean or hang on the handrail”

LEAN or HANG. Not saying the guy isn’t doing that, but it says nothing about just grabbing it? You can grab it just fine.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Dude, what do you do when you grab it? You usually follow the grab with your weight. Nobody is just holding it shyly like their first date at the movies. They’re putting their weight on it so they don’t slide off-axis to the dance pad arrows. The intended use doesn’t matter anyway, because this was a sign of a disrespectful player. If you did this while up against someone else you were a dirty player. Thats the truth. Thats why this comment on the chastity belt is funny.


And why exactly is it considered “dirty” to begin with? Because its EFFECTIVE. This is what you do to get an advantage, like someone already said.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Because it shows you don’t have the coordination to stay on the mat…


It has absolutely nothing to do with coordination in the slightest, wtf are you on about?

By offloading some of your weight even if only a little, you can move your feet faster. This is a fact for everyone even IF you’re already good at DDR as is.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Look, I pointed to the manual. You can interpret that with everyone else however you want. I was originally trying to say the post was making fun of people holding the bar, thats it.


I bet you’re a spinner at foosball as well.


Found the 2018 East Regional DDR runner up.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Yep, but it was 2004.

@Rakudjo@lemmy.world avatar

Somebody clearly hasn’t played dance games since 2004. The old bar-vs-no bar argument has since been shored up with “just play the damn game.” Regardless of original intention for the bar, it’s even highly suggested/nearly required for high-level play anymore.

I haven’t actually read machine manuals for recent releases, but does DDR Ace/SMX/Pump Phoenix still outright state not to lean on the bar?

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Since Gameworks closed down in Phoenix I haven’t been to tilt studio to check. The only DDR machine that I know of by me is in a Main Event. I’ll have to check it out. I doubt it has the warning to not lean on the bar. I stated somewhere in this chain that it doesn’t matter anymore. But back in the day it was a big deal. Which is what I interpreted this meme as meaning.

@Rakudjo@lemmy.world avatar

Back in the day - it was certainly quite the deal! I remember that even Pump Speed division at WPF would DQ players for so much as touching the bar. In retrospect, it was such an odd thing for us all to be so particular about - maybe just the newness of the game and maturity of chart design?

You may be interested to know that while bar play has become the norm, some players are still recognized for choosing no bar play at very high levels.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

Very interesting! I swore I wasn’t insane and it was a big deal at one point. Thank you for the shared history! It is quite the silly thing now. But boy, I remember quitting a few times when an opponent would start the match, and then quickly reposition to grab the bar as the music started.

Ah that video was a good bridge of nostalgia and gaming interests. These machines have come a long way, and at the same time remained the same.


Yeah, well, there’s also a warning label on Q-tips to not stick em in your ear canal.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

You also shouldn’t do that. https://hms.harvard.edu/news/why-you-really-truly-should-not-put-q-tips-your-ears. Thats just proven bad. Unlike my losing battle elsewhere. Which, trust me, it was a big deal if you held on. Everyone can argue it. But all I’m seein’ is a bunch of bar grabbers.


Ah yes, warnings written to protect the .02% of users who are too fucking stupid to know not to shove them in as far as possible.

@hark@lemmy.world avatar

I stopped using q tips and had so much wax buildup that I could barely hear out of my ear. Was a terrible week or so before I finally got it cleared with a softener and water administered through a flared syringe. I went right back to using q tips as I had for decades before. All it takes is a bit of sweeping at the entrance of my ears for me to avoid that crazy buildup, so it’s well worth it.

@Sanctus@lemmy.world avatar

I have a gentle ear cleaning tool that is designed to use warm water to clean your inner ear, and then you clean the outer area with a q-tip. They’re great tools, just not for your inner ear. If your ears aren’t prone to infection I highly recommend a water cleaning device for your ears.


I wish i was me 10 seconds ago


Man where is this dude’s mind when he immediately thinks “chastity cage” when he hears the noise of keys shaking in someone’s pocket. It’s because of people like him why people call queers depraved.

  1. There’s no valid reason other than hate to call lgbt people as a group “depraved”
  2. Chastity cages are not exclusive to the lgbt community
  3. Sex addiction is not exclusive to the lgbt community
minnieo avatar

my brother in christ, it is a joke and this is a shitposting community

@MissJinx@lemmy.world avatar

They’re called coins.


Yea, coin you fit this dick in yo mouf

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

No. Because you can’t fuck him. Chastity cage, remember?


Maybe he’s begging for a pegging?


Longing for a shlongging


Dreaming for a creaming.

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