I recognize the five main people and a sneaky Mile Tyson behind Bautista. I wonder if the rest are actual tough guy actors.


I just figured out who they should cast as Sparky Sparky Boom Man in Avatar.


Why does Terry Crews have Mexican gang tats lmao


I don’t think Benedict Wong has any either.


I thought it was supposed to be Ma Dong-seok


That’s Ma Dong-seok, the badass guy from Train to Busan.

A Korean depicted with Yakuza tattoos…


Different tat, but is it inspired by this? Ma Dong-Seok

RedEyeFlightControl, avatar

You never heard of his alter ego, Terry Cruz?


Can Can

STRIKINGdebate2, avatar

Dude. My mom is letting us have montain dew during the sleepover. Why do you have to be a nerd @Toes ? I wasn’t going to tell you this but you are only here because my mom told me to invite you.


My mom says that I only can have diet. Do you mind?

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar
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