Well the latter half of the levels is pretty tough as I recall. Had problems getting there. (Though as I recall, the biggest problem with Game Boy games was the battery consumption. Kids these days have no idea.)

The final level, however? Easy easy. Epic airplane fun.

Hope she handed the Game Boy to the kids once she got there! Because who doesn’t like blasting shit up with a plane!


Well she does owe them after those haircuts.


It’s crazy that photographs perfectly capture what the 90’s actually felt like.

OhStopYellingAtMe, avatar

I remember getting a GameBoy for Christmas when they first came out. I showed my mom how to play Tetris on it.

I hardly ever saw my GameBoy again.

Then she showed my dad how to play Tetris. My younger sister never saw her GameBoy again. My parents would sit for hours, addicted to that game.


I feel like there’s a whole slice of the millennial generation that lived this exactly. I did eventually get my Game Boy back from my mom and big sister but it took a while.

samus12345, avatar

The only GameBoy game my mom got hooked on was Super Scrabble.

SharkEatingBreakfast, avatar

Us kids used to pull up chairs around the computer desk to watch my siblings play “Myst”, “Riven”, and “Twinsun’s Odyssey”.

It was awesome.

Deceptichum, avatar

Myst was the only game my mum ever played, but I used to love watching her play when I was littler.

Semi_Hemi_Demigod, avatar

When my kids were 2-3 years old they would watch me play Skyrim while they ate dinner.


I was ace at super mario land for the gameboy. I still remember my joy the first time I decided to play it again immediately after winning and discovering it was harder.

The ending music was super nice too.

TSG_Asmodeus, avatar

Her name is Debra Tooley and she’s from Saskatchewan.

Single mom of four kids too, what a badass.


Okay, I no longer hold their haircuts against her. Indeed, what a badass.


Bruh that’s just what peak performance looked like in the 90s

samus12345, avatar

But what level did they need her to beat??


my grandma used to play diamond rush on her phone lol


This is the parent I aspire to be every day


This is one of my favorite pictures because you know all that kid’s friends are all “your mom is the coolest! She plays Gameboy and my mom just yells at me to clean my room!” And then Gameboy Mom makes them ants on a log or like cracker barrel cheese and crackers for a snack.


I made Ants on a Log for myself earlier today. Still a baller snack.


Some childhood snacks are still fire. Homemade lunchables slap

BroBot9000, avatar

Call child services over those atrocious haircuts.


Except for mama. She’s a fox.

EdibleFriend, avatar

The 80’s called and…well…yeah they agree.


Nothin wrong with those cuts, u just hatin


Found the bowl salesman.

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