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Funny thing is, her husband’s not even dead. She just likes the recordings.


Wouldn’t be easier to record the sound and listen at home?


The announcer changes periodically except at Embankment (pictured). It’s usually a woman’s voice, except for this station where it is this gentleman.


Aww shit. I have a health condition so my wife is extremely likely to outlive me, probably by decades. I should start recording videos for her.

Or should I? I want her to move on after I go and I don’t want to interfere with that. Dying sucks.

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The answer is yes you absolutely should


gotta make the most cringe content you can, make it a real test so she has to really miss you to watch them


Just a recording of you singing baby shark.


This will be my first video. I prank her all the time, it’s in character. I’ll even wear my adult sized Teletubby costume. No one ever expects Tinky Winky.


I’d also like a copy of that please!


My dad passed away two years ago and I wish I had followed through with doing video interviews of him. Asking him questions about life, having him tell the same stories he’d already told 100x. I wish I had those.

I am already starting to do that for my daughter who is only 9 months old.


She can always decide to not listen to them. However, when you don’t make them she would have no other option. I think the recordings would be a very nice idea. Maybe even video.


I think video is a great idea. I’m going to do one a day, just about what has been going on, five minutes or less. I also need to start keeping a dairy diary, so this will knock out both at once.

Edit: I am not a rancher.


She loves you. She will always love you. The other people in her life that love her will need to love her loving you. She’ll move on, but she’ll always carry you with her. Make the videos


Dammit, now I need to explain to the other people I’m at dinner with why I’m crying. Thanks, you’re right and I needed to hear this.


She’s either 25 or 75


Only if she got married at 2 years of age.

She’ll be about 90 assuming the headline isn’t bullshit, or wasn’t written 30 years ago.

Doesn’t look 90 to me.


Clean living


Old headline. There’s a video on the story here. Seems like she passed away in 2020 according to the comments

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Can’t say how many times I’ve thought about this the past couple years.

I still have both my parents, but both are about to hit their 70s and their health is already not great. There’s a fast approaching time coming where I’ll never be able to hear their voices again. My dad’s said “love ya” so few times in my life, not because he doesn’t, but he’s from that upbringing where you don’t really say that stuff. He finally picked it up from me a few years ago and now says it any time he sees me. I’ve ended up saving voicemails he and my mom leave, just so I can at least hear their voices again when they’re gone.

Appreciate the time you get with the people you love. It’s easy to take for granted that they’re always there. Someday they won’t be and it’ll be quicker than you can imagine when it happens.

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I had the same thought years ago, and also started saving all my voicemail from loved ones to my phone. With a parent and grandparent recently passed, it’s much appreciated to have at least these recordings. I don’t have many vids of them talking directly to me, but these voice messages hit different because for a moment, it almost feels like they’re still alive and reaching out to me.


Aww. This reminds me of my car, which had a recording of my dad who had it before, saying “Tweak’s phone”. It’s something so small and insignificant, but still warmingly happy.


I set up a streaming radio station with a looped recording of my cat purring. She died in 2018. This way she’d always be purring somewhere in the ether.


“MIND. THE GAP.” It’s only Embankment station that has this old recording. The rest have been updated. It is kept just for her. The new message is longer and much less stern. Something along the lines of “Please mind the gap between the train and the platform”


“Roight, blokes. Doff your rubbish in the skip, else me bobbies will haul you roight to the Tower o’ London!”

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How sexist. It doesn't mention birds at all!


How come? Wake up! c/birdsarentreal


Doff your rubbish in the skip

This does mean something but I suspect you have the wrong idea of what!


Put your trash in the little hallway?


to doff is to remove an item of clothing, a skip is a dumpster


So it’s about buttsex?


The stern warning is iconic tho.


Looks like they tried to get rid of it 10 years ago then brought it back



I love how the post says the “mind the gap” was recorded in 1950 but TfL started using that message in 1969 😆


thats the most bri’ish thing ever

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I’m not crying! You’re crying!

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