The photo setup leaning in to the kitten looking like a dragon (eating dragonfruit) is awesome.

sxan, avatar

I wonder if all kittens do something like this. About half of our adoptions have been kittens, and it seems as if all of them has at some point had some weird (for a cat) good fixation that they grew out of by 1yo.

We had one girl who went nuts for lettuce. If she heard my wife washing lettuce she’d careen out of nowhere and climb legs to get to the sink. At first, before we caught on, she’d just fish out her own leaves.

One of our boys lamentably took a shining to orchids. Mostly he’d just murder and eat them, but one time he got one out roots and all and ran around the house with it like a dog with a stick. I was trying to chase him down because it was a paphiopadilum, not cheap, and my most prized; my wife was laughing too hard to help.

Chocolate is supposed to be toxic to cats, but we had some candy out one Christmas and one kitten would fish Hershey’s Kisses out of the bowl, carefully unwrap the foil, then eat the candy. That one, at least, I can understand; those were probably more milk than chocolate. Yes, when we figured out where the mysteriously appearing wrappers were coming from, we took the bowl away.

All of them grew out of it. Orchid-boy still tries to murder plants on occasion (palms, especially) but he doesn’t eat them. Oh! Except cantelope. Not ours, but a family member had a cat that loved cantelope, until the day he died. But I read somewhere that cantelope has something in it that makes cats think it’s meat, and it’s not uncommon for them to like it. And potato chips; all of our adult cats love chips; I used to think it was the MSG, but they like the ones without MSG just as much. That seems less weird to me; everyone loves salt.

Anyway, I wonder how common this sort of this is with kittens.


Folks when going down on their girls during that time of the month


Most of us have no intention of earning our red wings

Cadeillac, avatar

Suit yourself ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Carry on warrior!

For real though, it would be the taste of blood, I hate the taste of blood.

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