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I volunteered to give drawing classes to kids around 8-10 years at a local elementary school. It’ll be my very first time doing “teacher’s work”, so to speak. I keep thinking about some of the drawing classes I took, all the stuff that would just make kids hate drawing and how to try and present them in a more “desirable” and fun way. The most important thing I know that I can teach them is to have a more technical eye and how to give and receive critique, which I plan to practice with them every class.

The bad is that, even if I keep the classes weekly as initially planned, I’m looking at mostly 3 years with any of them, as they’ll have to change schools for their 6th year (Brazil currently has years 1-9 for elementary school; some schools, like the one I’ll be volunteering at, only teach up to 5th year). Still, I hope that’ll be enough for at least one of them to remember me, some 15-20 years in the future, like Lovestein’s mom.


That’s really cute


Glad to see a wholesome comic from mr. lovenstein


I enjoy how they have short fingers in all panels, but the kid has big fingers in the last panel.


Growing into those big eyes is a nice touch too

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I sometimes wonder if the dude who failed Hitler in art school ever thought about it.


Turns out the guy was named Christian Griepenkerl and he died in 1912, so… maybe waiting in line at the pearly gates, he might have gotten pulled to the side for Secondary Security Screening Selection.

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That’s funny and kinda sad at the same time.

Imagine being the guy that failed Hitler in art school to then see what ended up happening and just being like “Maybe those paintings weren’t that bad after all 😰”

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Wow, that hit.


Bit misty this morning…

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Sometimes encouragement is all the spark a person needs.

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