Just ate an entire chicken 😋


You really felt the need to stalk me and post this simply because I pointed out that the Lemmy devs are tankies..?


imo it’s a logical (next) step for socialists to not only oppose the exploitation of us humans by ourselves, but our exploitation of all intelligent beings

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I'm in this meme and feeling attacked.


It’s a LOT easier to get 10 people to cut 10% of their meat consumption than it is to get 1 person to cut 100% of it, and the results are exactly the same in the short term, and much better in the long term.




Por que no los dos?

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How about ten people cut 100%?

All of this shit is just excuses for inexcusable behavior. We do not need to turn grass into protein anymore and we don’t even do that anymore. We feed them stuff humans can eat!

From literally every angle - go vegan.


Except no one can reliably cut 10% off their dietary animal products, because people are terrible at realizing what they eat, and extremely effective at justifying their own habits. Realistically, 10 people cutting their animal products by 10% is completely meaningless.

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