grue, (edited )

No, Zionism itself is antisemitism. At least Zionism as right-wing Americans conceptualize it, anyway. It’s all about herding all the Jews to Israel in order to trigger the End Times so that Christians can get “raptured” and Jews can get fucked.


I dunno about all that Zionism or antisemitism stuff. Neither sounds healthy or wholesome.

Can we just fake whatever we need to do to trigger an early rapture? The world will be such a nicer place when all the right-wing christians just get zapped away to their safe space. I would rather stay on earth with a free locust buffet than spend eternity in “heaven” with those nut jobs.


lemmy circlejerking around antisemic aljazeera, what’s new


What did they say that was antisemitic?


Next up: Pi is equal to 3!


π=6 ?

rockSlayer, (edited )

yes, I’m aware, and so is Al Jazeera. No one is denying that anti-zionism can and has been used as a mask for antisemitism. But that’s not what they’re opposing. The vote includes language to classify the DC protesters calling for a ceasefire “rioters”.


See, this is why this word zionism shouldn’t be used anymore.

Because israeli supporters say s*** like this, and they mean " Israel deserves to have a country", which yes, most people agree with.

anti-Zionists are specifically opposed to the illegal colonization of Palestine.

And everyone just pretends that the other person is using their subjective definition.

That is very upsetting. Anti-illegal colonization is not anti-Semitism.


Assertions without third party consensus is delusional.

rockSlayer, (edited )

it’s amazing but not at all surprising how they barrelled towards this vote despite the large population of American Jews that support the liberation of Palestine and specifically point out how positions like this are genuinely antisemitic.


Everyone remember George Bush saying “if you’re not with us, then you’re against us”?


Zionism is the idea that Israel should exist. Criticizing Israel for committing genocide is not anti-zionist.


That's also not anti-semitic (it's what the one-state solution is all about), but either way Zionism in the modern day is a more extreme ideology. It's specifically that Israel has a right to at least all of historic Palestine, and that Palestinians should either live under Apartheid or GTFO.


The term Zionism is rather unhelpful at this point. The people with unpopular views use it to hide their true stance.

It’s strategic equivocation. When their viewpoint is challenged they just claim they were talking about other definitions of the word.


how can it possibly get more extreme than "We want to do colonialism too"?


So Israel and Palestinians are supposed to have reached a fucked up compromise of sorts in the Oslo accords that's basically "We return to pre-1967 borders". "Vanilla" Zionists, so to speak, aren't opposed to this in principle, but extreme Zionists (which are running Israel right now) believe that this compromise is wrong and that Jews should colonize and genocide all of historical Palestine. So it's the difference between "we want colonialism" and "we want even more colonialism".



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