Do you have any recommendations what to see in ?


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@pgronkievitz @travel
What are your interests?

Art Noveau was already mentioned.

If you prefer wooden architecture, left/west bank of Daugava has that.

One could go up the Acadeny of Sciences, there's a viewing platform.

A whole bunch of parks (like the recently renovated Victory Park), botanical garden, zoo...

Riga has a few (sea) beaches.

Or you might be interested in what I do, which is just randomly visiting any region in a city - narrowing down based on interests could help :)


@richlv @travel well, my interests are pretty diverse - when I was in Bratislava and Vienna earlier this year I think what caught my GF's and my eyes were museums, especially Natural Science Museum in Slovakia and Vienna Technical Museum, but we also were looking for interesting architecture and parks (not to mention searching for restaurants that won't break the bank)

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@pgronkievitz @travel

Then Museum of the Occupation of Latvia might be of some interest (both locations).

Personally I fancy the Pārdaugava wooden (and other types) buildings more than Art Noveau, but I might be spoiled :)

One recent example is , although Flickr search has bugs and cannot find most other pics right now :/

A bunch of churches like, too.

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@pgronkievitz @travel
If you're in this region, Āgenskalna Market is a rebuilt hipster-y market with food places upstairs. All kinda of stuff, visiting Borščs will get you Ukrainian food and support Ukraine a bit.

As for architecture, you definitely will want to visit Riga Central Market - the buildings there were originally built as zeppelin hangars (WWI).

Just a construction area, but one could snap a historic portrait at RailBaltica construction sites :)

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@pgronkievitz @travel Oh, and I don’t have much on food suggestions, but just recalled - can highly recommend Trīs vīri laivā (3VL, Three Men In a Boat) - .


@pgronkievitz @travel not much, to be honest.


@pgronkievitz I went to Riga a few times, but there was nothing to marvel (sorry, Polish pun).


@pgronkievitz @travel Old town and city center with lots of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. National Art museum.


@pgronkievitz @travel we have a lot of good coffee places. try Kalve coffee and Rocket Bean Roastery both on Miera Street.

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