SpicyPeaSoup, in I found a video of someone using a fidget spinner and a pencil to spin hair into yarn.
SpicyPeaSoup avatar

Her other videos are...interesting, to say the least.

Nepenthe, in I found a video of someone using a fidget spinner and a pencil to spin hair into yarn.
Nepenthe avatar

Ugh, I have an old fidget spinner, too, that a friend gave me years ago. I've been half-joking that I should just do this instead, since I have a longhaired cat that covers EVERYTHING no matter how much time you spend brushing her and cleaning surfaces. Just gonna make her a sweater out of her own hair and see how she likes it


Okay, I have definitely seen people spin cat hair yarn, then knit something small for their cat.

I think it's a neat idea, but like, you can never come back from that, my dude. That's crossing the Rubicon.

thegiddystitcher, in ISSUE 23 ** Light of the Valkyrie : - First Fall 2023 avatar

Oh wow that's a stunner. Reminds me of paint swirls more than anything.

Of course I'll never in a million years get around to actually making it, but I can certainly admire it from afar.

mem_somerville_kbin avatar

Isn't it remarkable? I saw it before I read the details and I knew instantly it was Northern Lights in fiber form!

HandsHurtLoL, in ISSUE 23 ** Light of the Valkyrie : - First Fall 2023

God bless

mem_somerville_kbin avatar

In case it's not clear, I posted this to a kbin "magazine" (which is like a subreddit) and this is part of the chatter over there. Here's the link.

I like that these things can bounce out to Mastodon, but I think it breaks the continuity of the conversation.


I've made two torso pieces (plus sized garments) from free patterns at, so really: God bless


@HandsHurtLoL @mem_somerville_kbin

My bad. I thought maybe the designers were worth the blessing too.

SpermKiller, in Handsome Chris Pullover

I love it! I don't like making cables but I can't deny the results are gorgeous.

Khalypso, in Handsome Chris Pullover

This is gorgeous!

CatLover12, in Handsome Chris Pullover

Beautiful stitch definition!

BadgerBadgerBadger avatar

Thank you, I'm not massively keen on the single stitch cabling center panel, I have been wondering if it would have been neater as a twisted knit stitch, but I'm certain that it'll neaten up after blocking

Lianrepl, in Handsome Chris Pullover
Lianrepl avatar

Cool! How long has it taken for you to knit this so far?

BadgerBadgerBadger avatar

I just looked back at my photos, and it looks like I cast on around May 14th.
I'm just under halfway through the front now, so just under a month.

The cable repeats are intuitive after the first repeat of the central panel, so I can just sit and work without referring to the pattern

BadgerBadgerBadger, in Handsome Chris Pullover
BadgerBadgerBadger avatar

This is the back panel of the Handsome Chris Pullover designed by Caryn Shaffer "a replica of a sweater from the Knives Out movie, reverse engineered for funsies"


god Chris Evans wears the hell out of that sweater. Looks awesome!

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