OC Dropdown Menu Icons 1.1.0

This userstyle adds icons to the dropdown menus in the header — i.e., the add, channel select, and avatar menus in the top right.

This is a feature I took from my recent update to my main userstyle idkbin, but I thought this would also be helpful as a standalone userstyle. In my opinion, it makes these menus look a lot nicer.

I'm considering adding some icons to the "more" menu on posts and maybe also taking the sort option icons from idkbin, though I'm not sure if those would be better as separate userstyles.


  • Userstyle does the thing.


Kbin's avatar menu with the userstyle enabled. Each item in the menu has an icon to the left.
ghostatnoon avatar

Thanks for the style! It makes the menus a lot easier to navigate. I for one would definitely appreciate "more" menu icons as well (whether as part of the same style or as a separate style) if you do decide to add them.

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