OC Official Collection Checkmark 1.0.1

This userstyle adds checkmarks next to the names of official collections (i.e., collections that Ernest verifies and gives an official link). Right now, official collections aren't distinguished in any way, so I thought this would be a nice way of doing it!

Download here.

This is part of my main userstyle, idkbin, but I thought this would be simple yet helpful enough to also be its own thing without all of the other stuff from idkbin.


  • Official collections now have a checkmark next to their names.


  • An oversight has been corrected that caused checkmarks to be missing in certain places.
rhythmisaprancer avatar

Wow, I've never even explored the collections link before. I can't really comment on the check marks but I appreciate turning me on to something new!

tjhart85 avatar

If it makes you feel any better, the functionality is only 6 days old :-)

Ernest is also putting a ton of work in, and documenting it in that magazine (note: it's also a bit of a unique opportunity to chime in right away on a new feature ... for example, 'Collections' was called 'Categories' originally and someone in that thread said that they thought 'Collections' would be a better name and Ernest agreed and made the change right away!)

minnieo avatar

ooh this is really nice, and a great idea too. thank you <3

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