OC kbin enhancement script: QOL updates for the kbin UI

Current features:

Add domains to magazines and users for federated content
Collapse comments
Collapse replies
Replies start collapsed
Move comment box to top
Fix comment buttons and add a cancel button
Blur / Hide NSFW domains (thanks to u/le__el)

All features are toggleable if you like the way another script does it instead.

Thorned_Rose avatar

Hey, I found the thread finally! @SirPsychoMantis, I posted this on Greasy Fork but just in case anyone else has this issue: I have found that the script is not blurring NSFW "Auto media preview" images. It is 100% blurring everything else (thumbnail, user image and community images) which is wonderful but not the preview image. Which is especially bad awful when I'm on my PC and the preview image is HUGE and there's kids in the room lol 😱

I tried my darnedest to edit the script myself but after a couple of hours I still couldn't get it to work.

0rito avatar

Any chance you'll move this to GitHub? Would love to contribute.

McBinary avatar

I wonder if some new code was pushed to the backend today? Suddenly this morning all threads are auto-hiding all comments when this script is enabled. I've checked that none of the comment settings have been changed, and tested with and without them, but the only thing that allows comments to load is turning off the script. I've even tried reinstalling the script.

It was working wonderfully last night. So I'm guessing something new was added.

SirPsychoMantis avatar

Do you mean the "Replies start collapsed" setting or that you can't see any comments?

marcf avatar

The new OP tag setting seems to be hiding all comments sometimes, possibly only when the OP posts a comment.

SirPsychoMantis avatar

Could you tell me the exact settings you have on in the sidebar? I can't seem to replicate this. Also only sometimes?

marcf avatar

The setting is "Add OP tag".

When it's off, this post, for example, shows comments. Turn it on, and the comments disappear. There are other posts where the comments still appear even when the setting is on, such as here.

The difference appears to be whether the OP posts a comment. When they do, all comments seem to disappear with the setting on.

If you're not seeing the behaviour, it's possible I've got other scripts or modifications running which might be interfering with yours, not sure!

thegreekgeek avatar

Hey, so I installed version 1.7 and I'm having issues closing the splash screen on both desktop and mobile. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

SirPsychoMantis avatar

Fixed a few issues, tell me if it is still happening with 1.9

thegreekgeek avatar

That works! Thank you sir, keep up the good work!


I think the issue with domains not showing for magazines & users has to do with infinite scroll being enabled. Every newly loaded page seems to just show them without the domain.


Is the red dotted line next to the reply meant to highlight the OP / thread starter? If so, is it possible to make this a little more obvious?

SirPsychoMantis avatar


ripcord avatar

Hmmm, is there a way to install this in FF for Android? The links say I should be able to use Grease monkey, Tampermonkey, etc but FF refuses to install. I'm guessing they're written for the old FF API.

Thorned_Rose avatar

I have Tampermonkey installed on my phone and it came up with an error each time I tried. But at some point it started working (at least it says it's installed)
I have yet to test it though. If you haven't tried clicking install a few times, try that since it worked for me? 🤷🏻‍♀️


This is great, thanks for your hard work on this, really great improvements to the UX!

blobcat avatar

Can you add "Add domains to magazines and users for federated content" to activity? It's missing there.


Possibly related: "Add domains to magazines" breaks with infinite scroll. So it works on posts when the page first loads, but when I scroll down and more posts load in, they don't have the domain:

SirPsychoMantis avatar

I'll look into fixing this, I don't use infinite scroll personally.


I’ve only been able to get this to work on Firefox on my desktop. Anyone successfully got it running on iOS Safari? I’m trying to use the Userscripts extension.


Never mind. Figured it out. I hadn’t enabled the extension on safari. Duh


Hey there, is it possible to add an option to move the collapse button to the left of the username (so that it's always in a consistent spot, versus moving from comment to comment depending on how long the line before it is), or to even add it to the space to the left of the avatar (like some reddit themes did)? Otherwise, this is great.

arkcom avatar

One problem that all of these scripts that move the reply box have - when you try to use formatting, the tags are always inserted in the top box. Is that something that is fixable with the script?

SirPsychoMantis, (edited )
SirPsychoMantis avatar

Not as far as I can tell, I opened an issue in the official bug tracker

Edit: Actually I'm going to try hiding the box when you open a reply as a workaround


I use this script + the kbin-it theme for stylus, which moves it to the top as well, and when I disable toe top comment box in this script the formatting tags are applied to the reply box instead of the one at the top.


Sorry, pinging @SirPsychoMantis for visibility. Not sure if this is a particular issues with userscripts but this seems to work for me.

arkcom avatar

I think SirPsychoMantis fixed his too. Been working for me since last update.

SirPsychoMantis avatar

Yep, I am changing the ID of the "reply" box when it is created.


Nice job!
I'm very surprised that collapsing comments aren't officially implemented yet.

It would be good to see the collapsed comment show the "top row" info (avatar, name, comment age, votes) - even if just to keep the [-] inline with the [+].

SirPsychoMantis avatar

Should be pretty lined up now

Shortcake avatar

Don't forget to check in on the greasyfork site for updates! just went to 1.5 and it looks even better now!
I really like the setting toggles in the side bar

thesoloist avatar

Nice thank you! One question. On mobile the domains push the up/down vote out of view. Any way to fix that? I'm currently running someone else's version that doesn't affect the votes.

SirPsychoMantis avatar

Ah interesting, as far as I can tell this is just a symptom of kbin's CSS, having a really long username would do the same thing. Does the other script just allow the username to have a line break, or do the votes overlap with the name?

thesoloist avatar

Yup exactly it just line breaks. No overlaps

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