Expandable pictures and gifs?

Is there a style that allows for pop out pictures and gifs without opening the actual post? I generally prefer just expanding images rather than opening up a link to see them. Lemmyworld and other instances seem to have that available. Anyone know if there's a way to do that with kbin?

EDIT: I just couldn't see a button that wasn't part of a thumbnail, apparently.

minnieo avatar

Click on the little button in the bottom left of a picture / video.


EDIT: I found it! It's on the bottom right and not actually a part of the thumbnail. Thank you for your assistance.


Must be some style or userscript you're using if it is on the right.

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Yeah, mine is on the left as well.


Huh. I have not modified my kbin in any way, shape, or form, just opened the desktop site on Firefox. I was assuming you needed scripts to make it more user-friendly, honestly, but it seems alright.

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