Welcome to /m/kbinStyles, a community for all kbin tweaks and customizations!

Hey everyone, welcome to /m/kbinStyles!

I've made this magazine so people can share their custom userscripts, extensions, and stylesheets. Feel free to share any CSS or JS snippets you've created, I'll add them to the list below!

Browser extensions

  • Tampermonkey: Allows you to install userscripts that change the functionality of websites

  • FireMonkey (Firefox only): Another userscript extension, very lightweight

  • Violentmonkey: Another userscript extension, available for chromium browsers and firefox

  • Stylus (chrome/edge, firefox): Allows you to install custom stylesheets that change the appearance of websites

  • Cascadea (safari only): Another custom stylesheet extension

Custom stylesheets

Stylesheets on userstyles.world

Custom userscripts

Userscripts on greasyfork


is there a way to infinite scroll?

blobcat avatar

You can enable infinite scroll here, it doesn't work for comments though

McBinary avatar

I believe this setting only applies to your 'frontpage' view, but comments are still paginated instead of infinite scroll.

ernest avatar
McBinary avatar

Wonderful! Thanks for the update!

driedmoist avatar

Some additional suggestions for browser extensions:

artillect avatar

Thanks for the suggestions, I just added them to the list

stephfinitely avatar

Is there a way to use stylus on Firefox for Android?

blobcat avatar

Yes, you can follow this tutorial if you are using Firefox Beta or Firefox Nightly https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2020/09/29/expanded-extension-support-in-firefox-for-android-nightly/

Amongog avatar


I should've checked this earlier instead of trying to learn CSS for 2 days to try and make a user script to change the upvote button colors when browsing on mobile.

Thank you!

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