If using KES, check General > Add mail iconto append an icon/label next to a username to directly message them. (If on the same intance as you)

Vegan_Joe, I am using sync, and the option to message you is there once I go to your user page.

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yeah morgunkorn explained it and I was just having some mental blindness or something. im smacking my head at how its location is right where you would think it would be. don't know how I missed it.

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When you click on a user name (at least in the web version), you land on that user’s profile and there’s a button “Send message” to write privately.

Please note however that the admins of the instances will have access to theses messages, they are not encrypted.

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yup one of those mental blindness things I think. Even after you said I could not find it and then did a control f and low and behold its like right there. don't know how I did not see it. even has a mail icon.

ghostatnoon, (edited )
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Do note that you can't currently message users on other instances from kbin. The button will still be there, but it will bring you back to the homepage. I believe Ernest said something about it being "unimplemented," so I'm assuming cross-instance messaging will happen someday, but is probably not a high priority at the moment.

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thanks. that is good to know. its a rare thing but once in awhile I want to message someone.

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