What's the quickest way to find a magazine/community you've subscribed to?

I've been using kbin since the Reddit exodus and I still don't really know the path to finding my way into a specific community/magazine I've subscribed to. I usually search for the name using the search function, then hope I find a thread from there in the results where I can just click directly into it. Surely there must be a faster, easier, and more reliable way, right?

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I would like to see a more accessible list of subscribed magazines included in a future UI update.

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You could make a (private) collection for your subscribed magazines. Not exactly the feature you were asking for, but it's an option to curate your feed. On Firefox I have various collections bookmarked and tagged so accessibility is seamless.

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It's definitely not ideal at all currently. You've already found out how to do it currently, but I'd like to point you towards some alternatives that currently exist to make this easier until ernest adds something official.

Here's the userscripts I know of, each approaches the task a bit differently:

  • KES (Kbin Enhancement Suite) has a feature that brings up your subscriptions with a hotkey.
  • Improved Channel Select Menu adds your subscriptions and collections to the select channel menu. It's the one with the 3 dots and lines next to your username. This one is the only one that currently supports collections I think.
  • Floating Subs List adds a new (collapsible) sidebar to the left which contains your subscribed magazines.

Choose whichever sounds like more your thing, or try each and go with which works best for you.

If you're not familiar with userscripts: just get yourself either Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, or Violentmonkey from your browser's extension/addon store, then head to the script's greasyfork page (I linked you to them above) and click the big green button. For KES it's a bit special but just as simple, just use this link, it should bring up an installation page. After installing KES, you're looking for a wrench next to the user button to access its options and turn the feature on.

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You can go to "Settings" or "Profile" and you'll find a subscriptions tab.
Alternatively, you can install a userscript that adds a faster way of accessing them. Here's one I recently made and one made by raltsm4k.

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If you go to ‘Settings’ you will see a ‘Subscriptions’ tab - all your magazines are listed in there - sadly I haven’t worked out how they are ordered.

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In your profile, there's a 'subscribed' list. It's not super convenient, but easier than searching.

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I've attached a screenshot of what I see when I go to my profile. Maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find a "subscribed" list for magazines. There's the one for threads, but posts from more obscure communities are difficult to navigate to.

Edit: I found it. I need to click on the rightward-arrow next to "Followers" under my banner in order to reveal "Subscribed".
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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It is there

You just have to scroll on the bar with the arrows

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