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@ernest thank you for all the work you have dedicated to kbin!

i wish you are getting all support needed right now!


What happened? Since a few days almost every button I press leads me to an error page :(


I have noticed a few (Error 50x) appearing especially if I sort by new. A sort of work around I have found is going to someones username to see what they post.
This post for example did not appear but I was able to find it by going to moderators in the sidebar and clicking Ernest.

Working on Kbin is a lot of work and as far as I know Ernest is a solo dev. So we should be patient and give him all the time he needs.

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You know the generic ‘we are working on issues’ page that comes up on an error.

Any chance of adding a ‘Last updated’ date stamp on that, to let users know it’s not just an old generic piece of text?


Don't listen to the text on the page about new servers. Look at the title of the page which is usually showing the 50X error code.

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Ahem... kbin.run running mbin over here is chugging right along with no errors.

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Thank you for this comment. As you can see by my new account, I migrated to kbin.run (old acct at @BiggestBulb)

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Welcome aboard!

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Threadiverse is still in its nascent stages of development, and it is even earlier stages for kbin. Anyone who have been around in the internet long enough knows that these issues are common at this stage. People who are complaining are failing to realise that this is still just a passion project of a single individual who is really not making any real profits in return, and is not a multi-billion enterprise with server farms of its own across the world. Even Reddit and Twitter had lots of such hiccups when they started out.

Thanks for all the work you are doing, Ernest! Always happy to be here!

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Thanks for the new banner - super helpful.

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you need to have an honest conversation with yourself before you address any further issues publicly.

from “if the update isn’t out by september consider this project dead” to “i’ll be working on it for a few hours then it should be good to go” you clearly have trouble estimating the amount and scope of work necessary to maintain a site of this caliber.

i’m not trying to be insulting to you, but you need to understand it’s starting to get tiring as a user too. take stock of what you are doing and pause for a moment before you give your users a defined timeframe.

the post where you said it would be a few hours is still up and unedited. that was 3 days ago. i wouldn’t have minded you saying “it will be a few days, maybe a week or longer” at the get-go but now we’re approaching 1000% estimated time to recovery and it feels like you are no closer than you were 3 days ago. it’s insulting and it definitely doesn’t need to be that way.


Good luck trying to convince this man. I'm sad to say that what I predicted, now two months ago, is happening. My advice; don't rely on kbin.social, find another instance (I recommend Mbin) or make one of your own.


Fedia.io can't even send a confirmation mail. lol

There was an issue submitting this request. There may be no account associated with that email or perhaps it is already activated.


There are a lot of instances, just keep looking. Find the communities/instances you like, and subscribe to them from whatever quick, lightly-used, geographically-close to you instance you find to register on.


There's literally no location indicator for the instances servers so I'm not sure how you expect me to do that. And smaller instances are more likely to get abandoned, go down and vanish.

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I don't quite understand what you mean. The problem is that in such a case, it's challenging to provide a specific estimate. That's why I occasionally provide updates in case the work is prolonged. It seems to me that this is how it works. Issues arose without any interference in the code or infrastructure. I addressed hardware problems, but it turned out that wasn't the only issue. Throughout this entire period, I've been attempting to ensure that the instance operates as smoothly as possible. It should be significantly better now, but I'm still actively working on it. Unfortunately, taking a holiday break here doesn't help either.

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“I’ll be working on it for the next few hours” is different than “I’ll be working for a few hours today but have not identified root cause yet so I can’t say how long the fix will be”

“The update will come in September or consider the project abandoned” vs “I want to have the update out by the end of September but can’t guarantee any timeframes until I’m further along in the work”

“It should be back up in a few hours” vs “I’ll update everyone again once I’ve identified the issues and am working towards a clear resolution”

I’m not asking for more work or more communication, just honest communication.

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Issues like the one that occurred are typically resolved within an hour, hence this post - mainly to quickly inform that work is underway on it. But you're right, I'll strive to improve communication in the future. Your examples gave me something to think about, thanks.

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Honestly @ernest I don't think you have anything to worry about.

It is your platform. Make it at your own pace. Most of us are very happy to be invited on this journey and recognise that there are going to be ups and downs.


@ernest I really hope you resolve these issues asap, Kbin is already struggling an already small userbase and lack of engagement, these errors not allowing people to even access Kbin is really going to hurt, especially if these errors keep happening for so long.


@ernest been hours and still issue persists...

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Thank god you're there to let him know. He never would have realized otherwise.

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I always assume that repeat errors on the user end means significantly more to deal with on your end, but it's clear you're doing your best to keep everything going, so I try my best not to get frustrated lol

Hope you've managed to have some time to enjoy the holidays despite all of this!

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Ernest I can't read my memes this is an all hands on deck emergency

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Can you predict when the situation will improve? Should we take a week off?

PS: I think I've seen too many devs in crisis for rolling out "minor" patches late on Fridays or before holidays; there should be an unwritten rule about it.

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I've read that there are problems with lemmy's federation itself ( https://kbin.social/m/fediverse@lemmy.world/t/735134/It-s-been-six-days-since-a-potential-fix-for-the )
Do you think kbin suffering from side effects or maybe are there other problems?


Yeah, I'm curious about this as well


That's the one I saw as well. Would be nice to have that confirmed or denied.

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