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God damn it.


In the late-stage capitalist utopia, everyone will be able to enjoy cheap, affordable soft drinks during the hours of 1:00 - 1:30 AM on weekdays. Unless everyone tries to enjoy cheap, affordable soft drinks, in which case surge pricing takes priority.


Coca cola have barely any ground in Japan, and Japanese vending machines are about a quarter the price of countries where Coke is prevalent. Most drinks are ¥110 to ¥150 at the moment… which is like… a buck.

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Coke is not the only thing being sold in these vending machines. Irohas and Georgia coffee are all owned by Coca-Cola, and they’re everywhere.

Prices have gone up a lot recently (it’s more like ¥150-¥180 now, in Osaka at least) and this would send the prices up more - just think things like the prices for water shooting up in the middle of summer.


180円 everywhere around me in Tokyo for a Coke, and I live quite far out of the 23-ku.


which is like… a buck.

Unless you get paid in USD instead of JPY, it's 180 yen by me which is like... 180 yen on my Japanese employer salary.


Can you show your math on that conversion to your salary?


Getting paid in JPY, it's usually about 1 JPY to 1 JPY. Or am I missing something here?


It’s weird how exchange rates don’t reflect a person’s hourly worth.

I’m in Australia and a coke from a vending machine on a train station platform is $4.50, which is ¥435 at the current rate. A bottle of water costs the same, because… Coke.

I honestly bought a 600ml ¥100 water in a Kyoto tourist trap in July this year. A vending machine on the street.


I'm morbidly curious to see what the 180円 500ml coke will become, though I haven't gone to my local vending machines since they dropped Coke Zero.


God damnit coke you don’t need that money.

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"Lowered" to current prices and raised when possible to extract the most money out of consumers.


Me that knows how much a coke costs: Sees that it costs more at the vending machine and then doesn’t buy it.

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I was using the vending machine in my apartment’s pool area all the time until they raised the price from $1.25 to $3.00 overnight. I stopped using the machine because if I walk a little further and go across the street, I can get that same Coke for $1.50.


It’s fun if you remember that dynamic prices are supposed to reflect changes in supply and demand. Never had supply issues anywhere at a vending machine. That is a solved problem. Still, they use a “repair” mechanism for a problem that doesn’t exist to say nicely that they increase prices.


So am I to expect 1000円 bottles in the summer?

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