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FfaerieOxide, in Police warn of 20 naked, garter-wearing men spotted in Fukuoka suburb
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Are they naked or are they wearing garters? It can't be both.

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about 10 of the men were completely naked and about 10 were wearing garter belts when spotted at about 2 p.m.

FfaerieOxide avatar

So the comma denotes a list, not a continued description?

stopthatgirl7 avatar

Yup. Headline English usually drops “and” and uses a comma instead.

FfaerieOxide avatar

But it would use the same structure for a single man who was "Naked, Covered In Paint".

stopthatgirl7, (edited )
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Yeah, it can be ambiguous, which is why it’s good to actually read the article and not just the headline.

ApeMan, in Thoughts when you fly back home?
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Sounds like the biggest weab garbage ever. Hes so stupid he doesn't realize people around him probably hate him. Can't pick up the cues.

Doesn't realize that he has about 1/100 of the chances in Japan as he would in any normal country or that Japanese are astounded as how kind he and his country is to them when they don't return the rights or favours.

udon, in Thoughts when you fly back home?

Can’t confirm in that black/white framing. I had “conflicts” here as well, also several racist encounters which felt kind of odd as a white dude (and lacking the threatening component other people in other places would experience). I mean conflicts here in the sense of disagreements, similar to what I had in my home country. No fights or anything. Also, I think some of the more ugly sides of Japan only become visible once you’ve spent some more time here and outside of a student exchange context. It can be hard to understand some of the unfriendliness behind the friendliness, and I don’t even think I’m very good at that, yet. Kyoto has a reputation that even Japanese people from other cities don’t always get that they are being insulted 😅

About helpfulness… Yes, when asking for a train or so. But also, I once had a sports accident (broke a bone) with several people standing around and nobody helped although I made it quite clear I need help. That would have been different in other places. This was weird and took me a while afterwards to process. I have my theory why, but am still not entirely sure. Anyway, that’s a different topic.

All of that said, Japan is clearly easy on all of that, but it’s not like assholes don’t exist. Cultural codes of what is ok, what is not, and what counts as a provocative move are just different.

akaifox, in Coca-Cola Japan to expand trial of dynamic-price vending machines

So am I to expect 1000円 bottles in the summer?

Zealous, in Thoughts when you fly back home?

OP has only only been here for 4.5 months on an exchange. He clearly has rose-tinted glasses on.

I’m not denying what he is saying but I visited the UK back in February last year after 5 years here and I had a wonderful time. It felt so good to just talk to people in English and share banter, spend time with family, not have to overthink every interaction. Sure people can be loud and it can be a bit grim but it felt refreshing after being here so long. I don’t really understand what these “conflicts” OP is referring to. I’ve only really had a bad encounter with some chavs before.

I had a good think about what I wanted out of life after that trip, and decided to move back in April (especially for career reasons). I think being the only foreigner in a traditional Japanese company has really burnt me out. But I’m glad I got to spend some time in this country!


Went back for a bit and at first it was great, especially: “I can talk to people in my native language!”

But it didn’t last long before I was missing my 麻婆豆腐 🤣


Where do you live? Mapo tofu is relatively common, so you could likely get it in your own country if it has a sizable Chinese population. I wouldn’t even call it a specialty of Japan, and I’ve personally had better ones in other countries.

akaifox, in Japan to issue 3 new banknotes on July 3, 1st renewal in 20 years - The Mainichi

I’ve lost my system!

1000 – おしゃれ男

5000 — 女

10000 – お祖父さん

akaifox, in Ishikawa Ken earthquake

My family went wild with messages – yet I didn’t feel a thing in Tokyo

akaifox, in Thoughts when you fly back home?

I can identify with what the OP was feeling

Flying back home and at Heathrow I honestly thought “why is everyone fat?” Then I got to enjoy someone’s 30 minute speakerphone call on the train’s ‘quiet coach’

machinin, in Coin to bill conversion machines?

I heard someone say that the payment machines in 7/11 can work as a coin processor and give you bills back. I’ve never tried it though.

th3dogcow, in Coin to bill conversion machines?
@th3dogcow@lemmy.world avatar

Do you still have a bank account? You can deposit about 100 coins into the ATM at once. Usually only the ATMs in a branch will accept coins. These days, most banks will charge you for more than that.

Also, if you put too many coins into the self registers, they will return bills as change.

But yeah, these days there is no quick and easy way to do it if you have 2kg as you say.

You could also use it to charge Suica, but the machines don’t accept the smaller coins.

I’ve never had the problem you’re experiencing to be honest. I use electronic money almost exclusively these days, and when I get coins I use them as I go.

Anyway, good luck!

Pretzilla, (edited ) in Ishikawa Ken earthquake

Anyone catch the deep bow apology from the JMA spokesperson on NHK?

I couldn’t tell just what he was apologizing for. Saying they mis-rated a shake a 7M, and then downgraded it to a 4M. But it’s still 7.5M from what I can tell. Maybe just one particular tremor in the swarm?

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm and helping out the neighbors in the new year.

stopthatgirl7, in Ishikawa Ken earthquake
stopthatgirl7 avatar

I’m in Kansai, and felt it even here. When it kept going and going and going, I KNEW it was gonna be bad - I was here for the 311 Tohoku quake, and that’s what that one felt like.


I’m on the West coast and I was surprised at how long it was. The last 15 seconds of the quake seemed like we were just wobbling on jello.

stopthatgirl7 avatar

If you’re on the west coast, I hope you’re away from the shore, since they’re saying the bigger tsunami is coming.


Yeah, we’re not in danger, fortunately.

udon, in Coca-Cola Japan to expand trial of dynamic-price vending machines

It’s fun if you remember that dynamic prices are supposed to reflect changes in supply and demand. Never had supply issues anywhere at a vending machine. That is a solved problem. Still, they use a “repair” mechanism for a problem that doesn’t exist to say nicely that they increase prices.

Liquid_Fire, in Japan’s Kotatsu Heated Tables Evolve to Reflect the Changing Times


I better give my consent then, all these users are just waiting for me to give the OK.

@whyNotSquirrel@sh.itjust.works avatar

thanks I had to wait.

ExfilBravo, in Coca-Cola Japan to expand trial of dynamic-price vending machines

Me that knows how much a coke costs: Sees that it costs more at the vending machine and then doesn’t buy it.

@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

I was using the vending machine in my apartment’s pool area all the time until they raised the price from $1.25 to $3.00 overnight. I stopped using the machine because if I walk a little further and go across the street, I can get that same Coke for $1.50.

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