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I gotta say, Reddit has some stones calling us “landed gentry,” forcefully removing/threatening to remove mods, and demonstrating just a general disdain for their own userbase, then following up it all up with “pwetty pwease buy our stock and tell us your real name” barely half a year later.


I have not really followed closely what’s happened on Reddit since July besides superupvoting, a new logo, a redesign, r/place again, giving money to prolific posters/commentors.

I ask genuinely to anyone that recently came from Reddit or are still familiar with it: Have redditinc done anything to earn back users’ trust since the APIcalypse?

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@Rentlar I am still friends with the mod team I used to work with, we chat a lot on discord. The only thing I’ve heard them say positive is that Reddit has rolled out a few useful mod tools, but a lot of the other tools are still clunky or broken and a lot of requested features are still being ignored. That’s about as close to a compliment as I’ve heard them give

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