You first need to sign over your vehicle title to the secretary of state.

Be sure to sign in red at a 45° angle or else your trustee may be forced to make a special appearance in admiralty court.

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I live in rural desert US and never see this. Incredible!


“It says they owe me money in these documents!! Now…if anyone could actually point out where it says they owe me money in these documents, I’d really appreciate it…”



The files section of their crazy groups is a thing of absolutely bonkers beauty. It’s like their templates to submit all their lunatic forms.



This is the unhinged sovcit shit I’ve been fiendin’ for!! Welcome back!


Feel free to poke me anytime for more content. I have endless sovcit posts.


Love it. You’re doing us all a great service. Thank you. Glad to have you back in action!


You can own a car without registering it or getting plates or insuring it or anything else. What you can’t do is take it on public roads without those things. If you wanna drive it on your personal property then you can do pretty much whatever you want with it, but as soon as you put it on a road that the state owns then you gotta meet the state’s conditions to use the road.


Indeed, my grandfather had a Jeep Willys and he never registered and only drove it on his farm. When he passed away, my dad inherited and looked into making it road legal (ie. registering it) and it was way too expensive to do, so he just kept it in his property and drives it around a back road which is technically private property, we checked with the local PD and it’s allowed

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Ha good luck with that! 😂


Absolutely bonkers. Quality content.

FlyingSquid, avatar

I likes how he starts it as if it’s something that’s definitely true and ends it with “is this true, guys?”

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