New category to share! People with crazy ideas about archaeology from the Fraudulent Archaeology Hall of Shame group, and boy are there some doozies! Wall of text continued in the body.

Edit: I propose, like we call sovereign citizens SovCits, we call these people AmArchs for amateur archaeologists.


Edit: I propose, like we call sovereign citizens SovCits, we call these people AmArchs for amateur archaeologists.

Please don’t. SovCit is a crazy ideology, whereas there are actually very knowledgeable amateur archaeologists, heck you can even get archeology courses from professionals here. I’d prefer them not getting thrown on the same heap as the nutjobs that posted your wall of text. Although I don’t have a viable alternative at the moment I’m afraid.


Maybe SovArch for Sovereign Archeologists

apfelwoiSchoppen, avatar



CryptArchs? Yes, much better.


I used to know a guy on a gaming forum years ago that typed with all first letter capital. At least he did for a while, I think he snapped out of it.

But in general you can ignore whatever they’re saying. Nothing intelligent has ever been written like this.


Pretty sure I saw a real world person doing something similar the last time I was at the dog park with my dad. This person was literally talking about how there’s a section of the Grand Canyon you aren’t allowed to access because they found an ancient Buddhist temple and the government not wanting you to see it. I think they also said something about Egyptian style pyramids as well, but I wasn’t paying attention because I don’t pay attention to pseudo archeology. That and I was too busy watching over my brother’s dog just in case.


Ahahahah fantastic category.


Wow, these Panic! At The Disco song titles are getting really long.


Lmao, I was thinking Jaden Smith’s gotten even weirder since I stopped seeing memes about him


Wait, Lemuria was an actual place? I admit I've never looked it up and was raised by fundamentalist Christian parents about as crazy as this person, but I always thought it was just a place in the Conan the Barbarian world.

FlyingSquid, avatar

No, it was not an actual place. But it didn’t come from Conan. It was an attempt to explain why there were lemur fossils in Madagascar and India, but not Africa before we understood plate tectonics. The idea was that there was a lost continent in the Indian Ocean and it sank.


Okay, so great comic book kingdom, not so great real place. Cool, glad to see I'm not that crazy yet

apfelwoiSchoppen, avatar

This is TimeCube levels of crazy.


Okay But Why Is Every Word Capitalised Is The Whole Thing It’s Own Title?

FlyingSquid, avatar

Facts Are More Facty When Capitalized.


I’m going to bookmark this group under “Worldbuilding Resources.” Thanks OP.


Somebody needs to open a window. Clearly they’re not getting enough oxygen…


That website…

Whoo boy, there is a lot going on there.

AllNewTypeFace, avatar

Nobody tell them about the Tartarian Empire.

FlyingSquid, (edited ) avatar

Oh there are so many Tartarian Empire posts in that group.


Took about five posts of scrolling to find one-


Don’t forget about the mud flood and the faked 500 years or whatever…

I guess this ones creative at least

FlyingSquid, (edited ) avatar

I don’t know man….that much capitalization sure adds credibility to their claims.


And a shocking lack of exclamation marks! It must be written from a sane and logical person!


OMGZ1!!1 yOu’RE R!tE!



It’s really weird how the crazy ones always seem to do this, or have ridiculous punctuation as well. It’s so common it almost seems coordinated between them, but that can’t possibly be what’s happening… right?

Oh No I’ve Developed A New CoNsPiRaCy ThEoRy


I Used To Type Like This When I Was Young Using MSN Messenger and Yahoo Chat Rooms. It’s Like Hyperfocusing On Aesthetics/How It Feels To Type, And Not Having The Impulse Control To Stop Yourself.


Not thinking things through while going through the actions, you say?

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