Only annoying thing is that they’re doing this without Dunk and Egg being complete. I mean I can’t wait for it, but I wish George had wrapped up the story first.

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A new HBO GoT series based on an incomplete book series. Worried… absolutely not…

Nah I get you. And tbh I’m not sure if we’re going to get these completed either.


After House of the Dragon I’m excited to see this. Dunks intro is my favorite of the three released stories and after the catastrophe that was the Game of Thrones finale it seems HBO is willing to put in the time.

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I’m a bit worried about how they’re going to approach the stories tbh. They’re somewhat lighter in tone than the main series (although when it does get dark it gets pretty dark).

I’m also excited to see where they go regarding casting. They have to nail Dunk and Egg, if the two leads lack chemistry it’s going to nullify everything else the show does right.


Dunk is definitely the key, Egg just needs to have the chemistry with Dunk.

I think in the first book they are age 20, and 10 (or so) respectively, but I would imagine a slight aging up.

I also wouldn’t expect any big names, just a few small roles and then boom time for big leagues.

And of course, as a book reader forever in denial, maybe George will write at least a story or two before the show passes him again. She Wolves as planned, but Summerhall is the big finale he can’t miss again.

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I don’t think we’re ever getting that Summerhall story. George is very good at teasing his readers, and I think that exactly what he plans to do here.

Let our minds fill in the blanks.


You’re probably right, but as I’m already in denial, I choose to dream.

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