I think that they will no longer sell beer in glass bottles with these caps. Best way to package beer is in kegs, bottles take too much time and efort to make.


I'm more disturbed that the labelling on the box is in comic freaking sans.


It’s a theft deterrent

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Great! Just because someone called them fancy words like "contaminated" or "unfit for humans" doesn't mean you can't use them.


Maybe they switched to only cans, so they don’t need bottle caps anymore.


You should store them in your fallout shelter.

You know, just in case.

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Hot diggity dog. You’ve living the dream. I can’t get the closest brewery to answer my inquiry about buying fresh yeast, old hops, etc. they’re friendly, but not that helpful. A yes or a no would be sufficient.


Random but my old roomie was very crafty and epoxied a variety of bottle caps on a side table. It looked cool.


I’m curious why they were giving them away, nice score!


Sometimes it’s cheaper to donate then to return items to vendors. Could be defects, printer issues, or even just updating design.


Uninitiated person asking: are these used bottle caps you can recycle or unused ones? If the latter is the former possible?


Zooming in on the photo, they look unused. It looks like the edges flair out, which is how you put it on the bottle before you press it onto the bottle.

I would imagine that it wouldn’t be difficult to press used caps back into a useable shape, but you then have to wonder if they are clean and not too weaked by use.

There is also a rubbery seal (silicone?) on a lot of caps, and I’d be worried that the seal would be damaged in the recycling.


They look unused. I never thought of re-use, but I would assume that if you’re just opening a bottlecap without much care for preserving the cap (like when they sort of get bent down the middle) you’d be deforming it beyond re-use. It needs to be able to form a uniform seal around the bottle opening when capped and any bend will prevent that.

Never thought of trying out some bottle caps I tried not to damage when opening because they were pretty though.

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