I’ve been happy with my Eufy fingerprint lock. Has built in Wi-Fi. Pretty good app.

The physical keys are pretty non-standard, though. Hard/impossible to get additional keys cut.

But fingerprint works great. Keypad too.

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Thanks for the reply I’ll give it a look.


Yale Doorman L3S is a testwinner according to independent test institute where I live.


Schlage encode plus has been top-notch for me so far! Main downside is it’s not going to get a matter update anymore - Schlage plans on releasing updated hardware with that functionality (date tbd)

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I actually had a look at this one. So expensive here though, like $400CAD.


Yeah they are definitely the more expensive route. But with that, you definitely get a more reliable product. The Yale/august products are a close second place at a price that is easier to swallow, but there are more issues reported online about reliability.

Figured the added price was worthwhile for the price of mind of not ever risking getting locked out, but chances are you’ll be completely satisfied with one of the more reasonably priced options!

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Having the piece of mind might actually be worth it. Thanks for all the information.


Switchbot has worked for me. No tools needed. Stick it on your door, calibrate, go.


August locks have worked great for me so far.


Agreed, no issues with mine. Added the keypad as well which is great for guests and also makes it easy to lock the house as I leave since you can just one touch lock it.

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Looks like this one just goes over your existing lock?


Sort of. If the existing lock model is compatible you replace the interior part of the lock with the August and it uses the existing mechanics of the lock.

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