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Vlyn, in Hemp rope armor of the locomotive "Hairy Mary", Second Boer War

Bit sad that there was no context given with this post:

In November 1899, a hemp-armoured locomotive was plying the tracks in Natal, South Africa, pulling military trains during the Second Boer War. Unlike other wartime steam engines that were covered in metal armour, the “Havelock” was covered in thick hemp Royal Navy anchor rope leading the troops to dub it the “Hairy Mary”. In total, 3.65km of 6" hemp rope was installed by sailors from the HMS Terrible for protection from Boer guerrilla attacks. However, the train was still vulnerable to derailment and the Boers managed to do so in an ambush while a young Winston Churchill, working as a war correspondent, was accompanying troops on a scouting mission.
Several cars were destroyed in the attack and dozens of men were injured and killed. The engineer panicked, but Churchill convinced him to pull himself together and attempt to save the train. With help from soldiers directed by Churchill (working under a hail of gunfire) the engineer managed to rock the locomotive free and the Hairy Mary limped back to friendly lines with dozens of injured men. However, Churchill was captured and spent nearly a month as a prisoner in Pretoria.
His bold escape and the ensuing fame helped Churchill win his first seat in Parliament, in the 1900 UK election (for full details on Churchill’s stranger-than-fiction South African adventure, see “Hero of the Empire”, by Candice Mallard.) As for the Hairy Mary, it resumed commercial service after the war ended in 1902 but was consigned to working branch lines as more powerful engines were introduced. By 1905, it was considered obsolete and sent to the scrapyard.

Source: www.facebook.com/…/493639161405714/

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This lazy and forgetful man says you are doing God's work 🙏


Fucking Churchill. What a fucking badass.

@Brunbrun6766@lemmy.world avatar

Well, yes and no. He was also a massive piece of shit who knowingly ordered hundreds of Australian and New Zealand troops to their deaths at the Dardanelles


Every wartime leader knowing sends their members of the military to their deaths.

There are tons of other terrible things he did that are exceptional. Like causing a famine in India by depriving them of food, allowing chemical agents against indigenous people, genuine racism, and encouraged the genocide of Palestinians.

@Brunbrun6766@lemmy.world avatar

You should definitely look up the details of that theater of the war. He purposely sent ANZAC troops to storm the beaches that he knew were mined extensively. Used them as mine fodder to clear the way for British troops. Threw away thousands of lives for a failure of a campaign.

@Diprount_Tomato@lemmy.world avatar

Well after that he basically became the symbol of the defense of Britain in ww2


Why were the soldiers taking orders from a reporter.


Yeah I feel like the story may be bs


A smart soldier will accept good ideas in a crisis whether they come from a superior, subordinate or whoever is around if they seem competent. Obviously that comes with some stuff about following the orders of people in charge of you and making a bunch of decisions in the moment but it’s not that unreasonable.

The queue for jokes about a “smart soldier” forms below.

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He was not just some random reporter. His father was an aristocrat, his mother the daughter of a wealthy American businessman. He had military education and had been appointed second lieutenant of the British army years earlier. He had combat experience from Sudan and India before going to South Africa.

Chances are he had a hands on approach to war correspondence as well.

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However, Churchill was captured and spent nearly a month as a prisoner in Pretoria.

holy crap what a story.. there are no cinematic versions of young Winnie rescuing a Hairy locomotive from guerilla Boers? that sounds worthy of anime almost..


I’m terrified to think of what an anime version of something called “Hairy Mary” might look like.

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"Winnie Rides Hairy Mary to Glory"


“Hairy Mary and the Tentacle Rope Armor”

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that's the prequel


In which our protagonists set the stage and learn some valuable lessons which led to the decision to use hemp instead.


Well that is a fascinating story. Thanks for sharing!

@Diprount_Tomato@lemmy.world avatar

Why isn’t there a movie about this?

@ikidd@lemmy.world avatar

Did you just link a Facebook page as a source?

@unionagainstdhmo@aussie.zone avatar

And the post has no references…


First result on Google with someone explaining things. I just wanted to know why they used ropes and OP didn’t offer any explanation. Then I thought if I already went through the trouble of looking it up, I might as well post it. Fuck Facebook, but if you don’t like this “source” go and grab your own.


But how is hemp an effective armor?


I would assume similar to gambeson.


How is that helpful?

Gloria, (edited ) in Pro-segregation rally in Arkansas, USA, 1960s

OCTOBER 3, 2018 The Cruelty Is the Point

But it’s not the burned, mutilated bodies that stick with me. It’s the faces of the white men in the crowd. There’s the photo of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in Indiana in 1930, in which a white man can be seen grinning at the camera as he tenderly holds the hand of his wife or girlfriend. There’s the undated photo from Duluth, Minnesota, in which grinning white men stand next to the mutilated, half-naked bodies of two men lashed to a post in the street—one of the white men is straining to get into the picture, his smile cutting from ear to ear. There’s the photo of a crowd of white men huddled behind the smoldering corpse of a man burned to death; one of them is wearing a smart suit, a fedora hat, and a bright smile.

Their names have mostly been lost to time. But these grinning men were someone’s brother, son, husband, father. They were human beings, people who took immense pleasure in the utter cruelty of torturing others to death—and were so proud of doing so that they posed for photographs with their handiwork, jostling to ensure they caught the eye of the lens, so that the world would know they’d been there. Their cruelty made them feel good, it made them feel proud, it made them feel happy. And it made them feel closer to one another.



paywalled :/

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Luckily it wasn't paywalled for me. Does this work for you? It's definitely worth the read.


yeah that worked, thank you nice stranger :)

athos77, in African-American soldiers in a segregated bicycle unit, Wyoming, USA, 1896

25th Infantry Buffalo Soldiers

The 25th Infantry U.S. Army Bicycle Corps stationed at Fort Missoula, Montana set out across the country on their bicycles in 1896-7. Lt. James A. Moss led the company of black soldiers on several obstacle intensive test runs of the iron two-wheeled alternative to horses for transportation. Their greatest trip covered 1900 miles to St. Louis, Missouri, returning to Missoula by train. The 25th Infantry gained fame and was nicknamed the Buffalo Soldiers.
25th Infantry at Yellowstone in 1896.

In 1896 the 25th Infantry rode, walked, and carried their bicycles cross country to Yellowstone Park, 500 miles from their Fort Missoula base. They pose above on Minerva Terrace at the town of Mammoth Hot Springs in a photograph taken and hand colored by Yellowstone's official freelance photographer F. Jay Haynes (1853-1921). Note that the troops mounted from the left side of the bike, according to the custom for mounting a horse.

Anticorp, in Frederick Douglass and his second wife, Helen Pitts Douglass, with her sister in back, USA, 1884

Frederick Douglass was a badass. He was a former slave who obtained an education and worked with political leaders, garnering a measure of power and influence himself. He penned one of my favorite quotes of all time:

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.

–Frederick Douglass


I absolutely love his independence day speech. An absolute badass, indeed

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It is with the greatest of respect for Douglass that I link this ERB video for anyone who hasn't seen it.



Ha! That is bad ass! Thanks so much for sharing that. I’m going to share this with about ten different people right now.

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Glad you enjoyed it! ERB slips some truth into a lot of their videos. It's not the only reason I like them, but it helps.

This one sneaks up on you a bit.

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In addition to having plenty of excellent quotes from his long history of oratory, his memoirs are extremely well-written too. Highly recommend.

nslatz, in Female IRA partisan with an AR-18, 1973

Colman Doyle’s 1973 photo of a woman IRA volunteer in Belfast became one of most iconic shots of the Troubles: rte.ie/…/1147804-troubles-northern-ireland-colman…

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This site is blocking me because i have a VPN

FireTower, (edited )
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Reminds me of this famous picture too:


I find it funny that they’re either obviously staged or the photographer is standing in an awfully precarious location.


It looks just as absurd as the situation was. Here’s a picture by Philip Jones Griffiths:



That lawnmower looks like a hoover


Beats raking, I guess


They look staged as fuck


Their ether? No; the guy has a rifle.

@FireTower@lemmy.world avatar

Swipe text typo fixed it.


Belfast was an awfully precarious location when this was taken in 1987.

GraniteM, in Soldiers at Fort Lee put on an all-male production of Clare Booth's all-female play "The Women"
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"Second fronts"


Gigan, in Nazi shithead rally in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1938
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Why were there so many nazi’s in Argentina?

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Lots of German immigrants in Argentina; Nazi Germany utilized German communities in other countries to spread their vile ideology, where possible.

After WW2, there were also lots of German 'immigrants' to Argentina... though that later immigration wave has more to do with the fascist-sympathizing dictator in charge at the time.

@cosmicrookie@lemmy.world avatar

Wouldn’t that make them refugees and not immigrants?

PugJesus, (edited )
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Refugees are generally expected to return to their country of origin. The Nazis fleeing to Argentina had 0 chance or intention of returning to Allied-controlled Germany where many were wanted as war criminals.


Many German immigrants came from the other side too, both before and after the war.


You might also be surprised at the attendance for the Madison Square Garden Nazi rally in 1939.

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While Madison Square Garden had prepared itself for the German Bund, many around New York City considered the Nazi sect less welcome in their city. About 100,000 anti-Nazi protesters gathered around the arena in protest of the Bund, carrying signs stating "Smash Anti-Semitism" and "Drive the Nazis Out of New York".[6] A total of three attempts were made to break the arm-linking lines of police, the first of these, a group of World War One Veterans, wrapped in Stars and Stripes, were held off by police on mounted horseback, the next, a "burly man carrying an American flag" and finally, a Trotskyist group known as the Socialist Workers Party, who like those before, had their efforts halted by police.[4]

I love that the lone burly man carrying an American flag was disruptive enough in attempting to get through the police line to warrant mention.


he was burly


1930s burl was a whole different beast lol


You mean shithead nazis

PugJesus, in Solidarity in history, Yugoslavia, WW2, 1941
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The picture below shows Zejneba Hardaga guiding a Jewish woman (Rivka Kavillo) and her children down a street in Sarajevo in 1941. As they walk, Zejneba covers Rivka’s yellow star with her veil. The Hardagas let the Kavillos (including their children and Rivka’s husband, Josef) stay in their home until Josef was able to get his wife to an area where they were relatively safe. Afterward, they continued to hide Josef despite the fact that Gestapo headquarters were nearby, and despite the fact that the town was plastered with signs warning that anyone caught housing a Jew would be killed. Josef eventually joined his wife and children, and they all survived the war.



I love this story, and I also love context, so I just need to add to this. The story behind the photo is from the Yad Vashem testimony of Josef Kabiljo (husband of Rifka, the pictured Jewish lady). (They spell their names differently everywhere because Hebrew is possibly the worst language for Balkans language transcription except maybe Chinese). It is very much worth reading, it involves multiple concentration camps, and much more nuance than just "German Nazis vs Jewish people".

From the testimony, after the Hardaga's took in the Kabiljo family:

“Our home is your home”, [Mustafa Hardaga] said, and to demonstrate this point, the women were not obliged to cover their faces in the presence of Josef Kavilio, since he was now a member of the family.

This was an insanely dangerous thing for them to do. There were posters lining the streets warning people that the penalty for harboring communist Partisans and Jews was death.

This time, he stayed with them for two months, hidden, without ever leaving their home. Through the windows, Kabilio watched Jews being deported, or being maltreated in the Gestapo building opposite before being flung off it from the third floor and onto the street. Before long, there was not a single Jew left in the city. Kabilio felt that he could stay with his friends no longer – it was simply too dangerous for those harboring him. Thus, with their help, Kabilio managed to move to the Italian occupied zone, where he found his family and joined the partisans.
- Yad Vashem documentation with extra photos

Zejneba Hardaga, the pictured Muslim lady, her father was later also murdered for harboring Jews. Josef, her husband, spent time in Jasenovac, the third largest concentration camp, which was run by the Croatian Catholic Ustaše who were the Nazi-puppet state running the area. Even the Nazis considered the Ustaše barbaric and inhumane.

Increased activity of the bands [of rebels] is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustaše units in Croatia against the Orthodox population. The Ustaše committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children. The number of the Orthodox that the Ustaše have massacred and sadistically tortured to death is about three hundred thousand. - Heinrich Himmler in a 1942 Gestapo report

For 'reasons' the fascist Catholic Ustaše are rarely mentioned, despite being the main axis forces in the area who targeted Orthodox Christians as much as Jewish people. The communist Partisan partnership with the Allies is also rarely mentioned, despite being the main anti-Nazi military forces there too.

A lot of the Yad Vashem testimonies are worth reading though, even if it is Jewish-focussed and WW2 in the Mediterranean was much much more complex than that.

Tammo-Korsai avatar

The story of the Partisans fascinates me and how they went from being a tiny force to an army that had freed most of their country by the time they linked up with the Red Army. It's why I do living history displays about them since the war's largest resistance movement deserves more mention than just a passing mention in western-centric historical narratives. It has been received very positively, so far since re-enactors re-tread popular history all too often, but that seems to be changing for the better in the UK.

PugJesus, in Stockholm on 'H-Day', when Sweden swapped from driving on the left-side of the road to the right, 1967
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Successful_Try543, in Woman strikes a Swedish neonazi with her handbag, 1985

She got honoured with a monument in Alingsås for exactly this. There is also an Wikipedia article about this incidence.


I’m happy to hear that the statu finally was put up. There was so much debate and arguments about it, mostly about it encouraging violence especially if taken out of context and also her still living family being unhappy with the portraition of her.

I remember the debates but I never actually heard how it ended.


“The Old Woman with the Handbag”

38-year-old woman



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  • nilloc,

    She easily looks 5-10 years older than my wife and I. And we’re in our mid 40s. But that still wouldn’t make her an old lady at this point.


    The statue is titled, “The Old Woman with the Handbag”.

    The woman in the picture was 38 when it was taken. The artist made her look older for some reason.

    @ObviouslyNotBanana@lemmy.world avatar

    I think it’s just time doing its thing. The artist probably saw her as old because she dressed like an old person dressed in 2015.


    I don’t think she was particularly youthful-looking in 1985 either tbh.

    @ObviouslyNotBanana@lemmy.world avatar

    Probably not, no, but I can’t see what else lead to the name. The artist must just have assumed due to clothing and style.


    The statue is awesome, but it fails to capture the hatred and aggression in the photo.


    Yeah I was going to say, the statue didn’t capture her facial expression.


    The man hit by Danielsson was identified as Seppo Seluska, a militant from the Nordic Realm Party later convicted for the torture and murder of a gay Jew.

    Of course he did.


    The left was different there

    Runesson’s photograph was published the next day on the front page of the Swedish national newspaper Dagens Nyheter, and on April 15 by two British newspapers, The Times and The Daily Express.[3] Another photograph taken by Runesson during the event shows the 10 Neo-Nazis being chased, pelted with eggs and violently confronted by a crowd made up of hundreds of attendants of the left-wing rally joined by local Växjö residents. One of the Neo-Nazis was kicked unconscious on the ground, then saved by one of the protestors who reportedly took pity on him. The far-right activists eventually managed to shelter in the toilets of the city’s train station, hiding there for a few hours until the police transported them away.[3][5]


    They understood how talking to nazis needs to be done.

    Tammo-Korsai avatar

    B-but it's literally Nazism to refuse to tolerate Nazis!!!1! (Never mind the fact that tolerance would be the thirst thing to go in a Nazi-dominated society.)


    Back then Nazis were nearly universally understood as bad. Especially since there still were many living survivors of the Nazi’s genocide.

    If this happened today, the left would get endless criticism. But I fully agree we should bring this back.


    I think hitting them with a purse, throwing eggs and making them hide in toilets is fine, but the unconscious thing isn’t something I would recommend. They probably already have brain damage, they’re nazis.

    AngrilyEatingMuffins avatar

    Nah. The only thing wrong there was stopping.


    You do not understand the assignment

    mihnt, in First Black Women's Army Corps (WAC) members to go overseas, WW2, 1945


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  • fiat_lux,

    Wonen's Army Corps for anyone else interested.

    In 1943 the recruiting momentum stopped and went into reverse as a massive slander campaign on the home front challenged the WACs as sexually immoral...

    How very surprising. /s


    Well they are wearing pants

    mihnt, (edited ) in Two female bootleggers, USA, 1921


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  • Nougat,

    "Okay, ladies, you're under arrest. But before we carry you off to jail, take these guns ... okay, now pose ... smile!"

    @FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

    They look pretty proud of themselves despite being arrested. When you’re so badass that even the police have to admire you.

    StarsBypass, in Guerilla in Vietnam being treated in a makeshift swamp operating room, 1970


    Sept. 15, 1970 A victim of American bombing, ethnic Cambodian guerrilla Danh Son Huol is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp on the Ca Mau Peninsula. This scene was an actual medical situation, not a publicity setup. The photographer, however, considered the image unexceptional and never printed it. IMAGE: VO ANH KHANH/ANOTHER VIETNAM/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BOOKS


    The photographer, however, considered the image unexceptional and never printed it.

    It’s incredible, the image is so hard hitting to me.

    chaogomu, in Crimean Tatars being herded onto trains for deportation by the Stalinist regime, where 22-40% would die after 5 years of forced labor and resettlement, 1944

    The worst part about this is that it wasn't a one time sort of thing. The forced relocation was enforced until just before the Soviet Union fell. As a note, every other ethnic group that Stalin forced into relocation were allowed to begin returning home in 1956, but not the Crimean Tatars.

    Stalin also tried to kill them off via famine in the 1920s.


    This is bad, however, there’s some hope. From wiki,

    Starting in 1967, a few were allowed to return and in 1989 the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union condemned the removal of Crimean Tatars from their motherland as inhumane and lawless, but only a tiny percent were able to return before the full right of return became policy in 1989.

    awwwyissss, in Hemp rope armor of the locomotive "Hairy Mary", Second Boer War

    Blessed Cope Rope (+.01 defense, -15 charisma)


    IDK, that might actually work surprisingly well against the weapons involved in that conflict. Didn't help with derailment of course, but this old timey cope cage wig was probably not that bad.


    You got me to actually lol with your comment! Fucking cope rope lmao!

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