TexMexBazooka, (edited )

I host my own lobbies on helldive and I’m pretty kick happy tbh.

Annoying mic? Kick.

Wont communicate? Kick.

Running in the other side of the map by yourself, doubling the spawn rate then dying and dropping all our samples? Def kicked

Call in a shitty stratagem more than once or twice? Kick.

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TexMexBazooka has the best lobbies in the world. All because of kick.


This but unironically

It’s kinda shitty yeah, but I also add good players and play with them more often than not- your friends get priority in quick play I think.

So the end result is I get players who want to work together, and that just hits right


I know not your oc. Why wasn’t the game set to friends only, then?

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There was an issue where stream and HD friends don’t show up. If have to set it to public and they’d have to use steam to join, then if have to turn off public. Someone others make it through.

That issue is fixed for me now at least.

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Looks like someone was troubleshooting their friend list. When throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks, “make the game public” always comes up.


I think if you throw an SOS beacon it’ll let nonfriends join. The usual host I play with has a habit of accidentally putting in SOS when he meant to use Reinforce, happens a lot


It does. I tossed one because I was solo and out of things to kill a charger with. Suddenly full party.

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Every once in a while, I’ll start a game with a couple friends and we’ll pick up a random person. Then after a mission, another friend will be ready to join. I always feel bad kicking just the one random person, so I’ll say “thanks for the game everyone, I’ve gotta go” then will just kick the one guy.

I realize this is ridiculous behavior coming from a grown-ass man.

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You said goodbye first, which is awesome!

I will let randoms know that a friend requested to join up and thank them for the dives and then wait about 10 seconds before booting them in case they were in a huy menu or something. Generally I get a thanks back and they leave before I’m ready to boot them. Even got a couple friends invites after!

Maybe the community will spoil in the future, but for now people are pretty chill with groups disbanding after dives for any reason.


I think it’s adorable behaviour and more people should be as considerate as you!


Even better would be to close and create a new lobby with your friends. The random player then gets a message that the host left instead of them having been kicked.

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Until the rando looks at the world map and realizes your game is still going with a different fourth player, and their heart breaks

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This happens to me too. But I usually thank people for the game and ask for volunteers to leave.

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I play a game where the culture is to disband and reform the party rather than kicking anyone, so you are not alone in this.


I think that’s a good idea. There’s no reason the guy needs to know that he got kicked.

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Any time I'm hosting and need to make space for a friend to join, I quit the game. This way, the message that appears to the random person says that I quit and not that they were kicked. Then I re-launch the game and make everyone join my squad again. I don't like to make people feel bad about being kicked...

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Lol I’ve considered that but I guess my niceness only goes so far. I’ll try to save someone’s feelings, but I draw the line at needing to reboot the game.

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