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Lemmy is it for me. Oh and a discord server with my gaming buddies. The rest of it just feels pretty gross.


Discord is gross. But it’s hard to convince everyone to follow you on better alternatives.

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What better alternatives? As shitty as Discord is for replacing forums, there is no better way to voice chat and stream.


Mumble is best for voice cgat. It can suppress noise so hard you can’t hear the vacuum in the background while talking. No idea about alternatives to streaming though.


I got unmatched on Tinder and called a psycho for not having socials. Checks out.

AlexisFR, avatar

Just get What’s app for this purpose bro


I reallly hope any girl I meet uses lemmy.

BackOnMyBS, avatar

Can you imagine?? She uses Lemmy, Linux, and a VPN 🥰


Thats hot Free and open source is hot

anarchy79, avatar

qt3.14 🤮


This dude has other problems.

Gormadt, avatar

I’m not even sure what that means


Qt3.14 = cutie-pie.

Gormadt, avatar

Thank you

I see how that would be that now


qt phonetically sounds as cutie.

Greek letter pi is 3.14 in mathematics.

Putting them together we get…


Being on 4chan a wayyy bigger red flag than using a flip phone most of the time.


She proably saved his life. If she said she’s 14, she’s probably 12. Girls always lie about their age at that age. My ex-wife was still pining for a dude she dated when she was 15; he was 24 at the time. When we met in HS she was 16 and I was 18. She said she was 17 (her birthday was 3 months away), but a lie is a lie.


qt3.14 = qt (pi) = cutiepie

OP is a nerd, not a pedophile. At least not based on this.


Thanx. I’m a dumbass.


Well the most impartant thing is you recognised your mistake instead of starting a 50 comment long argument…


We’re not Reddit yet at least.


You want my social media? I hope you love pictures of my cat.


A drug dealers flip phone. Lol


NGL if you have a flip phone now, you’re either a contract killer, a drug dealer and or a stage 5 weirdo.


Or maybe just broke, but then it’s a little odd to by pursuing more than a 2 year degree without a stable living situation.

LaunchesKayaks, avatar

Or an old person. My grandparents have flip phones lol

jabathekek, avatar

Old people are de-facto stage five weirdos.


I’ve seen doctors use them as work phone, like a modern pager.


they use it not to get distracted by work, anon isn’t like that.


No, they use them because the battery lasts for ages and they’re very reliable. They still have modern smartphones for personal use. And nothing wrong with that, the main use for a phone should be communicating with others, if Anon can get away with only SMS and regular calls, good for him.


Yeah and they dispense drugs.


I miss the Nokia 3310’s tramadol dispenser, man


Friend of mine bought her first smart phone about a year ago. She just didn’t need any of the functions on a smartphone and was happier with her flip phone: pretty much infinite battery, near indestructible, does communicate just ok.

Only reason she bought a smart phone is to download some group chat clients. Since she broke up with her BF, we additionally had to write her on SMS. So she made it a bit easier for us.


This is just judgemental and stupid. If you are easily distracted not using a smartphone outside business hours is hugely beneficial.

I use a lumia 550, but REALLY I would prefer an old school phone like the w800i, but a good k750/w800/k800 is rare and expensive at this point and pretty likely to fail. (I have 2g here). So the lumia it is.


W880i ftw

Loved it, really miss small phones.


wait, the Lumia 550 was windows phone. Are you still rocking that? i guess by now it’s just a phone and text machine?

I miss my 920 and 1520 :`(

ddkman, (edited )

I mean this depends on your viewpoint. Yes it is my off-hours daily. (I have to have a smartphone when working)

It can:

  • Call and text Edit: this IS a 4g device, and has support for VoLTE, so it has modern call quality. Most feature phones you can buy suck as phones.
  • Play a bunch of games
  • Has a pretty good MP3 player (also can connect to modern bluetooth devices (!!!))
  • Has a camera of completely reasonable quality
  • It can display pictures, play videos, view all sorts of documents. (Ebooks .docs, xlsx-es, ppt-s)
  • Even the maps work (although who knows for how long)
  • Has microSD XC support

So it basically does what my w800i does, but in a way newer phone. In my view it does everything a modern device does, except for all the doomscrolly bits.

So yeah, if you need a weekend phone, picking up a lumia makes a whole lot of sense in my view.


I only bought a smartphone because I was getting into the HVAC field and I wanted to have access to the Internet to help with diagnostics, if it wasn’t for that job I might still just have an old flip phone lol


Or you wanna get away from the distractions of modern smartphones.

Because phone bad.


Hey I want to look at 4chan stuff like this but not get flashed with porn, any tips?


Stick to communities like this that screencap the good bits so you don’t have to sort through the crap.




4chan is being actively bombed with interracial/trans porn in an effort to make it less palatable to rightoids. It really just makes it less useful and interesting for everyone but don’t bother telling the spammers that, they’re on a mission from the secular god known as hormone pills.


Dang, well anyways thanks!

Nepenthe avatar

In my experience, people tend to drift towards whatever is the most taboo for their personal moral framework. I guarantee for people frequenting 4chan, that is trans porn. There is no other way. I could safely bet money in the triple digits.


They have SFW boards


This just makes me even happier that I’ve been with my (now) wife since sophomore year of highschool so I don’t have to deal with this mess of a dating environment


When I met my wife in high-school, not having a phone at all (like not even a landline in the house) was not uncommon. Her family had a cellphone in the house to use as a replacement for a landline and my dad put a password on our phone for outgoing calls (me spending hours on the phone with her might have been part of the reason for that). So I had to buy a pre-paid card and use a payphone to talk to her. I can’t believe that less than 5 years later we all had internet and personal cellphones.


you have xmpp? -no…

Matrix, Briar, SimpleX? -no

gotta have Email at least? … … no 🧐


I only know two women who use non-standard social apps, and both of them work in NGOs with good reason to not trust corps/government.


If you don’t like social media, why would you pretend to like social media to attract someone else who REALLY REALLY cares about social media? It’s bound to fail.


It’s college. Every girl doesn’t need to be treated like a potential marriage.

Life doesn’t need to be serious when you are young. That’s a huge mistake I made.


…he didn’t pretend to like social media



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  • Socsa, (edited )

    It’s not that these people actively care about social media or anything, it’s just a regular part of life. I’m like OP here in the sense that I don’t have any active social media attached to my name but I have some token pseudonymous social media accounts for exactly this reason. Being this obstinate about it is legitimately a huge red flag, and imo indicates that you’ve given up even more control of your life to social media, rather than understanding how to use it as a tool for a set of narrowly defined tasks.


    This is why I keep a Bare-bones instagram account,despite not using social media.




    Same here

    I try to limit my time on social media too

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